Tensei Kenja – 44

I Tried Camping Outside


“So this is the entrance to the forest. We’ll set up camp after moving away from the road. The Forest of Delight becomes more dangerous the further you go in, so we should get some sleep while we can.”


Several hours had now passed since leaving the town of Kiria.

Tina suggested that we set up camp now that we had arrived in the forest.


“Away from the road?”


“Staying away from the road is a general rule when you have a small party. Being near the road might mean fewer monsters, but it’ll make it easier for bandits to find you.”


I see. So that’s why.

So, you had to think about dealing with bandits when camping…

And so we moved away from the road and searched for a suitable spot.


“This place looks good. Yuji, are there any monsters around?”


Tina had chosen a spot near a cliff that was lower than the surrounding area.

Yes, I could see how it would be hard for bandits to find us here.


“I don’t see any monsters. And there are no humans within my detection range either.”


“Alright, so it’s decided then. Let’s set up camp.”


So saying, everyone pitched their own tent and began to eat the preserved food they had brought.

In these kinds of temporary parties, everyone brought their own things.


As I had heard of this in advance, I had prepared my own tent, which I was able to set up before sitting down to a dinner of bread that I had brought.


“So, who should take the first watch?”


Tina asked once we were finished eating.

Then Rodis opened his mouth, which was unusual, as he mostly kept silent.


“You should go first. I’ll be second, third is Yujji and Lisa can go last. What do you say?”


“I understand choosing Yuji for the darkest hours because he’s a scout, but how did you choose the others?”


“Second and third have their sleeping hours split into two, which can be the most tiring. I have the highest rank, so I should do it. Yuji doesn’t fight, so he doesn’t matter. But I don’t want you two dragging us down.”


“Well, if you insist. …I’ll wake you up when your time comes. You three can rest now.”


…While it may not have been worded in the most ideal way, he was surprisingly gentlemanly?

And with that, I stationed my slimes around the area and then went to sleep.

If something happened, the slimes would alert me.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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