Tensei Kenja – 40

I Decided to Move


After the incident with the monster outbreak from the cursed stone was resolved, the town was peace itself. There was no followup attack from the Blue Moon of Salvation, and life was returning to how it once was.


On the other hand, there was one problem that arose for me.

That was…


“Ah, it’s Yuji!”




“Yuji! Where’s the princess?”


They treated me like a hero.

The rumor that I had replicated the fires of a dragon with Hellfire of Death and burned all of the monsters had now spread to all corners of the small town.


Not only that, but the story had expanded. People were starting to say that I had killed a herd of dragons by myself or that I had saved a princess that was being attacked.

The dragons were one thing, but where did this talk of a princess come from?


The result was that I was undeservedly treated like a Hero.

The Adventurers acted the same around me, but the people of the town(especially the children) now saw me differently. They even tried to give my slimes food, which made me quite uncomfortable.

…And so…


“Can you tell me of a town where it would be easy to work as an Adventurer?”


I asked the guild manager the next time I saw him.

Yes. I was going to move to a different town.


Thankfully, it seemed that the rumors had only spread inside of this town.


Additionally, this Adventurers guild did not get many requests, and so it was not suited to an active Adventurers life.

And so I wanted to go to a town that was more suited to being an Adventurer.


“I had a feeling you might. But are you sure?”


The manager asked after hearing my question.


“You could tell?”


“Aye. While they don’t mean any harm by treating you as a hero, it cannot feel good to hear so much noise every time you step out into town. …I understand the thing about the dragon, because of the bones, but what about this princess?”


“Don’t ask me. Ask whoever started it.”


“…I guessed as much. So, I understand that you are moving, but what kind of town do you want to go to?”


“Yes…a town with a lot of quests would be good. But a place where the monsters are still weak.”


The manager heard this and thought for a while.

Then he opened his mouth.


“If you want lots of quests, it will have to be a big town. What about Kiria?”




“Aye. It is about fifty kilometers away from here. A rather large town. The monsters would be weak for you and there should be plenty of quests.’


I see.

Weak monsters and lots of quests. That was ideal.

I guess I would head to that town for now.


“Thank you. I will make that my first destination then.”


“I should be thanking you. This town would have been a ruin by now if it weren’t for you, Yuji.”


And like that, my destination was decided.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. 😂 weak for YOU Yuji – and therefore I’m guessing many available quests because most people can’t do them? Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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