Tensei Kenja – 28

I Tried Creating Magic


“…It’s practically the same as the magic stone that I destroyed. But then again, I heard that people brought it over, so it has to be weaker than the one that destroyed a kingdom.”


“A cursed magic stone… It must be different if you were able to destroy it. But I will report it as a single possibility. As for your role…how about you monitor them while also fighting?”


“Yeah. In spite of appearances, the slimes can fight pretty well.”


If I used Magic Transfer, they could be like cannons.

And I was able to use the same magic on two slimes at once, which raised the firepower.

Well, that also used more MP, so it wasn’t without limitations.


“Your slimes can fight…? That is hard to believe, but it’s you that we’re talking about. So I’ll believe it. Of course, you will be rewarded, so you should accept the request.”


“Okay. …Is that fine?”


I said as I submitted a monster monitoring request and a monster hunting request.

The monitoring one paid better… But the hunting one changed depending on how many you killed, so it could end up paying more.


“Aye. Good luck.”



And so I accepted the quests from the Manager and left the guild.

And then I went to the forest in order to station my slimes near the pack of monsters.


‘Alright then. I’m counting on you guys.’


When I was near the forest, I put the slimes on the Proud Wolf’s back.

As the slimes were going to be stationed so as to make a circle around the monsters, I would use the Proud Wolf to carry them.

And so it wouldn’t get too heavy, I would stay behind.




‘We’ll get them!’


‘Well, it will be Yuji’s magic that gets them.’


‘Uhh… Are you sure that I should be doing this?’


The slimes were enthusiastic, but the Proud Wolf seemed worried.

He had lost his confidence ever since I tamed him. I was sure that he wasn’t actually a weak monster…

Besides, he had my help as well.


‘It’ll be fine. I’ll cast strengthening magic on you and can also use Magic Transfer. So I will transfer attack magic if you guys are ambushed.’


I said. Then I cast ‘Strength Enhance,’ ‘Mobility Enhance’ and ‘ Defense Enhance’ on the Proud Wolf.


‘This magic…it’s making me stronger! I should be safe if you’ll send me magic!’


The Proud Wolf seemed to regain some of his confidence now, and he bounded off happily into the forest.

…Now, I had to prepare for the fight as well.


I didn’t know if the monsters would come to this town, but since I was monitoring them, I wanted to prevent them from attacking other towns if I could.

Still, while the magic I could use was strong, it covered such a wide area that it would destroy everything around it as well.


If I did some testing, I might find the perfect spell to use–but there was actually a faster way to acquire magic that you wanted.

You create it.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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