Tensei Kenja – 162

I Tried Negotiating


I had been quite curious about just how they were able to keep such a giant machine running… So, it was the power of a dragon.

That’s why they needed so much Cursed Water.


‘In other words…if I let you go, I can put an end to their plan?’


There was plenty of Cursed Water left in the production plant.

And yet, they were still making more.


That suggested…they still needed more power to feed into the machine.

Unless, of course, they were just making it as an added precaution.


It would be very difficult to acquire so much magic energy through other means. And while there could be other facilities, it was unlikely they had a backup dragon.

So, it seemed likely that releasing the dragon now would mean I could stop them.


‘A human would help me? …But even my power is not enough to help me escape. What can you do?’


‘Yeah. I can use ‘Magic Transfer,’ which allows me to use magic remotely through the slimes.’


There was also another reason to release the dragon.

While it would be possible for me to use Magic Transfer and destroy the machine…if I did, then the Blue Moon of Salvation would think that some ‘mysterious magic put an end to their plan.’

Which will mean that they would start searching for the culprit.


But if a dragon was going berserk down there, it would be a different story.

I could use the chaos to fire off a few rounds of Hellfire of Obliteration, and the enemy would just think that it was the work of the dragon.

In other words, I was going to put the blame on the dragon for my crimes(well, it’s not really a crime, because it’s to stop something bad).


‘Magic Transfer? But that is limited to the magic that you can use. Transfering a lot of water isn’t going to do anything here.’


Because it was the first thing I did, the dragon thought I could only use that kind of magic…

I had only done it because the slimes kept asking me too. I hadn’t even wanted to do it…

I actually felt really bad about splashing water over a weakened animal.


‘I mainly use magic when I fight. So I have more powerful attack magic too.’


‘Attack magic… What are you going to use?’


‘Well, what about burning away the chains with Hellfire of Obliteration?’


It didn’t affect as wide an area as Hellfire of Death, and it was easier to control.

If I adjusted it right, I might be able to cut the chains without hurting the dragon…maybe.


But dragons were strong against fire, so being burned a little shouldn’t—no, that wasn’t good.

After all, I had killed a dragon by using Hellfire of Death when I first came to this world.

This dragon looked a lot stronger…but then again, it was weakened. So there was no guarantee it would survive.


‘A Tamer who can use Hellfire of Obliteration… Are you trying to be funny?’



Yes, I was a Tamer and told everyone that I was…but it wasn’t my only job.

It was a job that wasn’t very well-known here, so I generally left it out.

But…maybe a dragon who knew about Magic Transfer would understand.


‘I am a Tamer, but I’m also a Sage. Do you understand?’


The effect was amazing.

The dragon’s expression changed in an instant…then it muttered.


‘You’re a Tamer and a Sage? You’re just like…’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Yey, finally someone who knows some stuff. Well, it’s time to help a big old black dragon. And more fun for the slimes.

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