Jack of all Trades – 234

A Festival After the Game


We left the arena and walked through a city filled with excitement. While the air was filled with the smell of food, I found a stall that was clearly something else. When curiosity led me to take a closer look, I saw that several people were throwing objects and appeared to be trying to hit a target. You got points depending on which part of the target you hit. The better the points, the better the prize.


“Daniela. Lemon. I challenge you both.”

“Hehe. You will soon regret that decision.”

“You won’t beat me!”


The two elves said with enthusiasm. And so I called to the owner.


“Hello. The three of us would like to play.”

“Oh, are you competing? All right. Take these eight skewers and throw them at the target! Maybe you’ll win something!”



I passed the skewers to Daniela and Lemon. We were supposed to throw these things? It seemed quite difficult. They were made of metal… There was probably some trick to doing it. But…


“I’m quite good at this stuff.”

“Asagi, you trickster.”



I could learn to do it in an instant with Jack of all Trades, Master of None! My wonderful unique skill.

Lemon looked puzzled at our little exchange. But then she turned to the target with a look of determination.


“All right, let’s say the one with the lowest points has to obey one order from the person with the highest points.”

“Uh, but that…”

“Now, start.”


I ignored her protest and threw the metal skewer after simulating the motion in my brain. It flew straight into the center of the target. The people around us gasped.



“Damn it…”


Daniela glared at me. But then she glanced briskly above the stall and then threw the skewer.

It went surprisingly straight.





Had she had such a skill? Then I suddenly felt the wind caress my skin. Oh, did she…



“What? I just threw it?”


She said smugly. It was obvious now. She had used the spirits of the wind. Damn it! Cheater!


As I looked at her reproachfully, there was another thud. And when I looked, there was another skewer resting in the center. Daniela and I looked at each other before turning to the person who had thrown it. She was folding her arms and looking very pleased.


“Hehe. I happen to have a throwing skill.”




It was a mess after that. We all used our skills in this most serious battle. We kept hitting the target, and in the end, we destroyed all three of them. The owner cried bitterly and the game was over. We felt too bad to claim any prizes, and so we left empty-handed.


“We’ll call it a tie.”

“I would have won had the targets not broken.”

“Really? I was sure I had it in the bag.”


We argued as we continued to walk through the capital. Wherever you went, it was lively and festive. There had been festivals when I was in Japan, but it just meant I had more drunks and crazy youngsters do deal with. Those weren’t good memories. It was kind of ironic that it took me coming to another world to actually enjoy a festival…


  □   □   □   □


After that, we enjoyed a few other games and ate some light food. It was evening before we knew it. Daniela was quick to announce that it was time for dinner, but both Lemon and I were full. She was quite disappointed as I dragged her along so we could drop Lemon off at her inn. We promised to meet again the next day before parting.


“See you tomorrow then.”

“Yes! Good night!”

Good night, Lemon.”


We waved at her and then continued on our way.



“You’re still depressed…? You’ve been sighing nonstop.”

“You may say that Asagi, but I cannot fathom going to bed without a meal…it is not right…”



She would be repeating this until morning if I didn’t do something. And that something was to give in… But I really was full.


“Well, let’s find a place then.”

“I love you.”



She was holding my arm fondly, but I was not fooled. Her actions were currently dictated by her hunger. She would have gone with anyone who would take her out to eat.


“Now, let us hurry. I am starving.”

“Yeah, yeah.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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