Flower Field Demon King – 9

Chapter 9


Adventuring was an occupation where your life was put in danger, and the Adventurer’s Guild where was a mediator between you and those life-threatening jobs.


The guilds in this world were similar to mercenary groups. There were multiple competing guilds in every city.


Mainly, you would hunt down monsters and dangerous animals. There were also jobs that involved searching for rare resources.


Of course, people only landed in this occupation if they were confident in their combat ability or if they had nowhere else to go.

It was because of this, that the common man avoided it as a shady job for ruffians. And noblemen mocked them as being barbarians.


That being said, it was a different story once you reached the top.

Indeed, because Adventurers who were the best in the guild would have the achievements to back it up. They were trusted and were popular.


Some were treated as celebrities even. The entrance of a guild might have a little gift shop that sold paintings and memorabilia of them.


Of course, not all popular Adventurers were equipped with grace and dignity. And so there were many instances of them getting carried away and causing trouble.


“…So, this is the recommended guild?”

“I wouldn’t say recommended. It’s just the only one I know about. But there are no dangerous Adventurers here, so I think it should be comfortable for you.”


Zanatoria had taken Kuders to the oldest of the five guilds that existed in the city. It was currently seen as the second-best one.


“Hehe… I am looking forward to this.”

“You’re a weird one. It’s as if you’re a child who just heard a singer’s heroic song. Surely you know that the life of an Adventurer is not very fun?”


Zanatoria glared at him and muttered in exasperation. However, Kuders just snorted.


“Bah. Of course, I know all about that. What I am looking forward to, is meeting the receptionist lady! Ahhhh. What kind of beauty will help me register? Maybe it will be the beginning of new romance…”

Kuders sighed with a faraway look in his eyes.


“No! It cannot be! I’ve never seen such numbers! I’m sorry, our instrument for measuring energy must be faulty. Would you mind if we do it again?

You have it wrong, my lady. That number is true. Hehe. Oh, there is no use hiding it now. Yes, I am a great and legendary magician.

Oooooohhh! How dashing! Hold me!!”


In spite of the wretchedness of this script, the acting itself did not lack dedication.

Especially since Kuders had the appearance of a very serious civil servant. This stand-alone act had quite the impact.

…Well, it was embarrassing.

People who had been standing near them started to back away.


“…You idiot. I can’t believe I helped you.”

Zanatoria sighed and then opened the door to the guild.


However, there was no one inside who looked like an Adventurer.

Perhaps it was the time. Most of them had probably accepted work already and had left.

And so he walked through the abandoned lobby and towards the front desk.


“Hey, how’s business?”

“I was wondering who that was. Cabello Fuego. It’s been a while!”

As Zanatoria called out, a bright-faced man in his thirties answered from behind a desk.


Yes, there were no pretty young receptionists in this world.

This was because having a beautiful woman thrown into this rough world seemed like a recipe for trouble.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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  1. You know, it’s about damn time some author recognized the harshness of Adventuring and NOT make every receptionist some pretty female with no fangs. I can understand the series in which the female Receptionists were also mid-to-upper-rank Adventurers themselves choosing a desk job over risking their lives, but the ones where the females are just pretty local hires with no skill never made sense.

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