Tensei Kenja – 163

Powerful Curse-Breaking Magic


‘So, I just need to break the curse?’


‘Aye. But…it cannot be something that’s half-baked. It is very powerful. …How far can you go with dispelling magic?’


How far, huh?

As for the magic that I had, there were a few that seemed strong, judging by their names.

For instance, there was one called ‘Complete Purification Consecration.’


However, I had no idea what that actually did.

The only one that I was sure worked was…


‘I can do Curse Break – Extreme.’


‘Extreme…!? Not, ‘True’?”


‘…I can use that too. Is ‘True’ stronger?’


I had assumed that ‘Extreme’ was the stronger one and had used it when it was necessary…

Maybe I had been wrong.


While there was a large variety of magic that I could use, I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about them.

In fact, I had only used a small fraction of all the magic I had.


One of these days, it would be nice to go through all of them one by one… But then again, that seemed incredibly dangerous.

Up until now, I had used things like Hellfire of Death and Suppression Isolation Barrier, which made my MP go below 0… But if there was something that used even more MP then those, there was a possibility that I could die.


Besides, there were spells like Curse of Eternal Tundra that affected the surrounding area as well.

If I froze the neighborhood when there wasn’t even a Fire Dragon around, it would be quite the incident.

It was for these reasons that I had such little knowledge about my own magic.


‘No… Extreme is the stronger one. However…are you sure that you can use it?’


‘Well, I’ve used it before. So unless I managed to forget, I should be able to do it again.’


While the MP depletion was quite bad, it wasn’t as bad as Curse of Eternal Tundra.

And since I hadn’t used any MP today, it shouldn’t be a problem.


However…it was odd that the dragon was surprised about me using Curse Break – Extreme, when I had already said that I could use Hellfire of Death.

As the person who used them, Hellfire of Death seemed like it was on a superior level.


‘Uh, it’s not really that difficult to use, right? I mean, it doesn’t use nearly as much energy as something like Hellfire of Death.’


‘If you only look at energy depletion, that is true…  But it requires an incredibly strong magic network and precision in the ability to control it. In terms of actual rank, it is far above Hellfire of Death.’


I see…

There sure was a lot to magic.


I had never even thought about control. However, Curse Break – Extreme was apparently very difficult to use.

That being said, it wasn’t difficult at all for me…


‘So, it’s really powerful magic then…’


‘Aye. It’s magic that only the freakishly strongest Sages are able to use. As for you…Yuji. What are you? How did you come to use such powerful magic?’


Oh, it called me by my name.

I was just called ‘you’ up until now, so it felt like I had been ranked up.


Well, I could just dodge the question…but this dragon might know something about the books.

It would probably be better to be honest here.

I really wanted to know more about those books.


‘I read it in a book.’




Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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