Tensei Kenja – 150

Flying was Convenient

‘Yeah. It’s fine. I’ll need you to carry about 100 slimes with you.’


‘Yes! Then combine!’




And then the nearby slimes started to combine.

Once there were 100 of them together…Slibird picked up the slime and took off.


‘See you later then!’


‘Yeah! Be careful so you aren’t seen by any monsters or humans!’


‘I know!’


And with that, Slibird flew off towards Ordarion.

This time, he wasn’t immediately attacked by a monster.

As I watched him fly off, I activated ‘Shared Senses’ to see what he was seeing.


Slibird was looking down at the ground from the sky.

It felt like I was riding on a plane.


It wasn’t that high in the air, but the view was completely different from what you saw from the ground.

Obviously, it would be difficult to find small monsters in the forest…but large monsters would be quite visible even at a distance.


‘…It sure is nice to be able to fly…’


‘It really is…’


Unfortunately, the Proud Wolf and I could not fly.

And Slibird was much too small to be able to carry us.


‘Well, I guess we might as well go back then.’


‘Understood! …I may not be able to fly in the sky, but I can still carry you, Mister Yuji!’


So saying, the Proud Wolf began to run at a much faster speed than usual.

Apparently, he was a little worried about this new transportation rival.

…Of course, I had no intention of firing the Proud Wolf.



A short while later.


‘We arrived!’




‘It’s meat!’


Slibird and the slimes began to shout just as we were halfway through our return trip.

It seemed like they had reached Ordarion.


…But Ordarion was much further from the valley than Iriarch…

It sure was fast…


‘Th-that’s quick…’




What kind of monster had we befriended?

He had the same laidback attitude as the slimes…but his speed was incredible.


‘I’ll bring the other slimes back now!’


‘Thank you, Slibird!’




While I was thinking, preparations to bring the other slimes back had finished.

The slimes quickly handed over the meat and Slibird picked up his own portion with his beak.

…The slimes acted very quickly when food was involved.


And when that was finished…Slibird held the large piece of meat in his mouth and said,


‘Aaw aigh, err eee ooo!(All right, here we go!)”




And with that, Slibird took off and started to fly back towards us.

…The whole process of sending the slimes and carrying the food was over before we knew it.

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  1. Ah, I was looking for the second page, then understood what the TL note meant, ops. Reading at night, not a good time to think. On the bright side, there is some adorable slime action in there.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Main site needs to be updated- links for Tensei at tiger stop at 127, and links for Realist Demon King stop at 50 (of 64)

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