Tensei Kenja – 41

The Scout Skill Was Useful


“Uhh…I should go to the guild then.”


The first thing I did upon entering the town was to search for the guild.


‘Over there. It says guild!’


The slime pointed me to a guild sign.

As always, slimes were always better at finding things.


‘Well done.’


So saying, I entered the guild.

I would accept a random quest that seemed safe.


That’s what I thought as I headed to the counter…


“Is this your first time here? Then please get registered at the counter over there.”


I already had a guild card, but I was asked to get registered.

But I was sure that guild cards could be used regardless of location.


“I already have a guild card. Do I still need to register?”


“Yes. Some towns require it. It is necessary to know which Adventurers are currently in the city in case of an emergency. It will be too late to gather information after a monster attack.”


“Alright. I’ll register then.”


“Thank you. By the way, you may be rejected if it’s determined that you are too weak to fight for Kiria!”


…Are you serious?

Did I come to the wrong town?

I wondered about this as I headed for the counter.


“Do you wish to register?”


“Yeah. You can reject me mercilessly if it seems dangerous.”


I answered to the man at the counter.

As long as I say that, I would not get through if I was too weak.


…But hadn’t the manager said that Kiria was a safe town with weak monsters?

If that was the case, it seemed highly unlikely that I could fail.


“I’ve never heard anyone ask to be rejected before. Well, it’s good to be cautious. …In any case, show me your guild card.




I said as I handed it to him.




He looked at the card and then at me with a suspicious expression.

Apparently, Tamers were rare here as well.


“Are Tamers disqualified?”


“Not at all. But Tamers are simply too weak. They generally don’t pass. …Uh, are you going to use that wolf?”


“This slime is also part of my team.”


“Slime? …Compared to that wolf, it should be practically useless… But, uh…I guess I’ll write it down.”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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