Tensei Kenja – 41


So saying, the man started to scribble on a sheet of paper.

Then he stamped my guild card and handed it back to me.


“Alright. Registration is complete. You can now go on quests.”


“…Huh? After all that talk about capabilities, I assumed there would be some kind of test…”


“There are times that we require tests. But B-Rank Scouts are automatically accepted.”


…I had heard it was convenient to be a B-Rank Scout, but I didn’t know how convenient.


“Is it that great of a certificate to have?”


“Aye. It is said that the chances of your entire party being killed will go down to a fifth by just having one of them.”


One fifth. That’s amazing.

Indeed, you could prevent ambushes with the slimes’ scouting abilities, which would make things considerably safer.

You would also have enough time to run away if it was a strong enemy. So one fifth was probably not an exaggeration.


“…I know. Since you just arrived here, why don’t you accept a guild quest?”


“A guild quest?”


“Aye. We’re looking for personnel to help find the locations of strong monsters, but not many people are good at that. So you would be perfect as a B-Rank Scout.”



So they had such quests, huh?


“You said you didn’t have enough people, so there will be others doing this quest too?”


“Aye. Even if you are a B-Rank Scout, we can’t let you go searching for monsters on your own. But the other members we have gathered are all veterans.”


I see.

It would be my first time fighting in this area, so it might not be a bad thing to practice here with people who knew what they were doing.


…But on the other hand, it seemed dangerous to join a party with strangers.

I should meet them first and see if I can trust them.

And even if I can, I should still remain cautious and use my slimes.

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  1. Goes specifically to a town with weak monsters but then selects a quest where you look for strong monsters. Sounds retarded to me.

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