Tensei Kenja – 149

Flying Slime


Note: Slabird changed to Slibird.

So Slibird was the name of the monster.

Perhaps they had something to do with slimes. There was something about it that felt similar to them.

…I would have to ask.


‘…Hey, so, what’s the relationship between you and Slibird?’


‘Uh… Slibird is our friend!’


‘Yes! He carries us as he flies high into the sky!’


‘The slimes tell me where I can hide when it is raining!’


I see.

So they helped each other.


…This seemed like a good monster to tame.

A flying monster that could work together with the slimes. It was very ideal.


‘But we hadn’t seen you for so long!’


‘We rarely see Slibird!’


Apparently, he had made himself scarce recently. So we were quite lucky to find him today.

He wasn’t big enough to draw attention, and no one would look at him strangely if you said he was a pet.

I could probably take him into the guild with me.


‘Slibird, give me a ride! A ride!’


So saying, the slimes tried to get on his back.

…In spite of the fact that Slibird had been dying from poison a second ago…


‘Hey, this bird was just dying…’




Before I could stop them, Slibird opened his wings and took off from the ground.

And then in the next instant, he swooped down back to the ground…and with his claws, picked up a slime and rose into the air again.




‘So that’s how he carries them…’


…It looked like he was hunting for prey.

In spite of appearances, Slibird was pretty agile.

And he had pretty good speed as well.




‘Ahhh! There’s a monster!’


‘Yuji! Save us!’


So saying, the slime and Slibird returned frantically.

Apparently, Slibird and the slimes had another thing in common. A lack of cautiousness.

Actually…they basically had the same personality, I think.


Well, since he would be flying with them…it was probably a good thing.

And though the slimes appeared to lack caution, they never really made any fatal mistakes.


‘Magic Transfer — Area Freeze: Medium.’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Ah, my dreams, of a slav bird going around in adidas pants and stealing vodka, or beating people who don’t have vodka, is going away. Then again, that “Ah, it’s a monster” coming from the bird too, nice reaction.
    Thinking about it, this might combo might be a magical bomber, or magic bombing drone? Autonomous unit for magic bombing? Anyway, it’s awesome 🙂

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