Flower Field Demon King – 0


Author: Udo Shigetaka

Title: お花畑の魔王様(Ohanabatake no Maousama)

“Kuders Tart. You are dismissed from your position as one of the Four Kings!”

It was a council room filled with numerous leaders of demonkind. And the central figure…the newly appointed Demon Emperor had just uttered those words.

As for the subject that he was speaking to, it was a man who had something of a careless air about him.


He wore dark-rimmed glasses and had long hair that fell over much of his face.

Judging by his calm voice and disposition, he was likely near forty in age.

He was so tall that many had to look up to see his face. There was also thickness to his frame, and a degree of nobility. And yet, there was still something phony about it all.


As the cold stares pierced into him, the man called Kuders answered in an apologetic voice.

“Uhh… Surely, something can be done?”

“Not at all!”


As Kuders looked up shyly, the Demon Emperor shouted down at him without a moment of thought.

His chilling features had all the beauty of a statue of a goddess, and yet they now twisted. His fingers tapped on the table as he continued.


“In the first place, I cannot understand why you were ever one of the Four Kings. What the hell was my predecessor thinking when you were appointed as a leader of demons?”

At these words, the other officials nodded approvingly.

“Such a lack of spirit is not fitting for a demon. And yet you can’t seem to stop talking to the court ladies. On top of that, you have achieved absolutely nothing in the last battle against a Hero!! And worst of all, your magic attribute is ‘Flower Field’!?”

After these last words, Kuders looked annoyed and covered his ears.


In this world, all beings were born with an ‘attribute.’

In general, there was Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. But rarely… -in fact, you could count the instances throughout history on one hand- there were exceptions. And Kuders was one of them.

Yes. Kuders was the only demon…no, the only one in this entire world, who had the Flower Field attribute.


But worse, no one knew what magic that attribute even allowed him to perform.

…Well, it was more accurate to say that no one cared to know.

After all, demons were warrior tribes, and not being seen as a threat made you a target for ridicule.


“So, you cannot even argue against that? It makes my blood boil, just thinking about how such an incompetent and weak man was leeching off of us in such an esteemed office!”

“Uh, no… I’ve worked hard to achieve things outside of combat. I don’t think I’ve been a leech…”

However, no one was interested in any of that.

Kuders was aware of this, and so he didn’t specify anything. And no one asked him to.


“Bastard. You must enjoy seeing me angry!”

The Demon Emperor interrupted him with a loud slap on the table.

A large crack appeared in the heavy, wooden surface.


However, that did little to calm him down.

And so he stood up noisily and gathered a swirl of dark magic at the tip of his finger as he looked at Kuders.


“Your Majesty, I beg of you to reconsider. It is true that I don’t possess a power that you would be proud of. However, I have my own role. Have you forgotten your father’s words, that I am never to be let go?”


Kuders made his case in a rather admonishing tone.

There was a sharp light in his eyes, but a sadness as well.


“Silence! I do not want to look at your face for another second! I curse you, Kuders! You will be teleported out of this country. I shall banish you to live in the world of humans. Should you ever try to return to us, my curse will surely cause death to be visited upon you!!”


In the next instant, a pale light emitted from the Demon Emperor’s body, and then shot out.

The rage was so strong that the shock waves from it caused the other officials in the room to hide under their desks and close their eyes.

As the rush of magic shot towards him, Kuders was nothing but resigned. And so he just closed his eyes.

A fearsome level of magic filled the room, and a second later, the spell to banish Kuders from the country was complete.


By the time that the demon officials came out from under the table, the ‘Flower Field Demon King,’ Kuders Tart, who had ruled the south planes and granary, was nowhere to be seen.

And it was unlikely that they would ever see Kuders Tart again.


“Now, we have gotten rid of the extra baggage. We can talk of the bright and glorious future of the Demon Empire!”

The young Emperor said, and the others realized that their turn time had come.

And they smiled.

So, how could they take authority from this youngster who had this power but nothing else?


But, they did not understand.

The man who had just been banished was so important, he could have been called the very heart of demon society.

Their authority and glory. They had just thrown it all away. 


Of course, they would not be aware of it for a while.

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Jawbrie: Kind of did this on a whim. Will do a few chapters to see it’s any good.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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  1. I foresee starvation or at least food supply issues in the demon world’s future. Especially since his lordship seems to be in-charge of granaries.

    • I half expect more then that, it kinda feels like a newly risen muscle head got rid of the only non-muscle head that actually got stuff done, and is surrounded by nothing but a bunch of self interested power seeking toadies who have no respect for their ruler (current of previous). So I half expect more the just the food supply to fail. But would not be surprised if the previous king noticed some effect of the MC’s magic, and put him in charge of the south because he booted crop yields by a non-trivial amount

      • Like if I don’t I know say he guarded the south will fields of poisonous flowers or something.

  2. I scanned the chapters, cause I wanted to see what happened to the Demons (not saying) without reading enough to spoil the plot, and if I read the MTL right (not always easy with Japanese to English) it seemed to indicate that the demon Emperor is a woman (which could explain bringing up the flirting, “flirt with everyone but me => not attracted to me => think I am ugly” being a common enough mindset in certain circles) but could explain why this line felt off to me “His chilling features had all the beauty of a statue of a goddess,…”

    I also missed at first this : “So, how could they take authority from this youngster who had this power but nothing else?”

    Does that mean the other demons there are planning to try and overthrow their ruler already?

  3. As some mention yeah most likely their world are gonna turn into well a demons world 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Thanks for the translation this should be interesting depending on the mcs route

  4. Oh my goodness… Someone with the magical affinity “flower field” who ruled over the crop producing regions of an entire country, who the previous ruler stated must never be made to leave…. Was banished? This smells like incoming _ _ _ _ _ _ and regret.
    I’m looking forward to this.

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