Flower Field Demon King – 1

Chapter – 1


Within a secluded forest near the border between demon and human forces.


It was a place that only birds and beasts ever set foot into. And now, a sudden burst of powerful energy caused it to shake.

The strangeness of the sudden change in the atmosphere caused the birds to flap their wings and fly away. A rabbit could be seen hopping from a bush in panic.


And then… A blue light shone from the cracks between the trees and then vanished.

It was finished, and the forest returned to its peaceful state. Well, except for the deep sigh and low moan that now echoed.


“Ahh. So the time has finally come. I knew it would, but not this abruptly.”

It was Kuders, the man who had just been banished.


“Yes, I was aware that they all hated me, but a curse of eternal banishment?”

Even though he knew that there was no one to listen to his complaints, he couldn’t help but voice them.


The middle-aged man…who had been one of the great Four Kings that served the Emperor a moment ago…now took off his glasses and touched his forehead as if he had a headache.


“The deceased previous Emperor asked me to help him… But now that I’m so thoroughly hated, surely that request is invalid?”

He said this in an attempt to prove his guiltlessness, but no one answered.

He was the only one that was here. It was just his conscience.


“Oh, I’m sure it’s fine now. He picked me up when I had nowhere to go. But now, my debt is paid.”

He was saying all of this to himself because somewhere deep in his heart, he could not bear to think that he had broken his promise to the previous Emperor.

In spite of having the title of Demon King, he himself was rather good-natured.

…Though, he also knew to be careful, as a demon.


“Besides, now that I think of it, I didn’t just owe him a debt. I have grievances against him as well. Yes, I remember it well. That sea of work that erased my youth.”

Kuders remembered his bitter past and sighed.


After all, everyone who had ever worked for Kuders had despised him so much, that they refused to come to work.

They would use their family influence to be transferred without showing their faces even once, or they would straight up quit.

Due to this, his workload in supplying the entire country with food was beyond what one could imagine.


It was unbelievable that his efforts alone had been enough to keep things running for over 400 years.

Not only that, even if his work environment had been decent, Kuders had never really known what it was like to be popular with the ladies.

That was the final reality that Kuders was faced with as he thought back, and his shoulders slumped with disappointment.


And then several minutes passed.

While he seemed quite depressed, he suddenly squeezed his hands into fists, corrected his glasses, and raised his sharp eyes to the sky.

And he shouted.


“…NO. I am not finished yet! My youth begins now! Yes! Thankfully, I do not look different from the humans, and if I can blend into their world, I will be able to drown in sweet, sorrowful love! Ah, how wonderful! What a beautiful future!!”


Yes. Just like his attribute, his head was also a flower field.

He had been pressed down by a tragic working situation up until now, but there was no longer anything to get in the way of his flower field of a brain.

He was now out of control.


“If there is one thing I worry about, it is who will take care of my livestock… Well, they should be fine on their own. Ah, yes. The curse that the previous Emperor cast on me has been broken. I…I… I’m free!”


Still, in spite of such cheerful words, there was a tear in his eye.

The narrow streaks of sunlight through the trees reflected on it as it traveled down his cheek and fell.


“Damn it. I knew this would happen one day, and yet I look as if I wasn’t prepared.”

He chuckled to himself. But it did little to heal the wound.

It seemed that only time would do that.


“Ah, that’s right. I can stew in my emotions some other time. Right now, what I need to do is… No, where am I?”

Kuders said to himself as he looked at his surroundings.


According to the Demon Emperor, it should not be within the lands ruled by the demons. But that was the only information he had.


Had he had the Wind or Earth attribute, he would have been able to find out by using magic. Unfortunately, his attribute was Flower Field.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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  1. thank you for the chapter 🙂
    btw : He chuckled to himself. But it did little to heal the would. – it should be “heal the wound/ or heal his wound”
    :Had he the Wind or Earth attribute – it should be ” if he had the wind or earth attribute”

  2. thank you for the chapter 🙂
    btw :
    “But it did little to heal the would” – it should be “heal the wound / heal his wound”
    “Had he the Wind or Earth attribute”- it should be “had he had the wind or earth attribute / if he had the wind or earth attribute”

  3. Actually if you think about it. Their was quite a bit of strategy to the old emperors thoughts. If the everyone, including the hero’s saw Kuders as nothing but a flower headed weak demon. No one would think of him as vital to the demon army. Basically he killed two birds wth one stone. He hid a vital pillar of the demon community, Hidden, because of how physically vulnerable Kuders is, and he had a laugh while doing it. Man that was one, wily old fox.

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