Flower Field Demon King – 1


No matter how much influence his magic had had on the Empire, there were things it just couldn’t do.


“I don’t see any signs of human life nearby. This…could this mean I’m to build a life for myself from scratch?”

Of course, it would be so much easier if there was a town in the area.


“First, I must do something about food. Though, that should be easy enough.”

Kuders muttered as he pointed to a nearby bush.



In an instant, the bush seemed to turn white.

This was because white flowers had bloomed in the blink of an eye.

The bush was really a gathering of many different kinds of plants…but the flowers were all the same.



But when the second spell was cast, the flowers all died, and then numerous green fruits appeared in their place.

These fruits grew as if they were balloons that were being blown into. After a while, they started to turn red.


They turned into ripe…apples.

There were large apples growing on grass and shrubs.


Had there been any other intelligent life watching besides Kuders, they would have pinched their cheeks at how strange the sight was.

There were other spells that allowed you to accelerate the rate that plants grew. But you were limited by the original framework of the plant.


However, this phenomenon ignored all of that.

It was as if numerous rabbits were growing out of a human face instead of hair.

In other words, it made no sense at all.


Someone who researched such eerie arts would be considered either a genius or a madman.


“Hmm. Perhaps I made them too fast because the taste is a bit thin. Yes, it’s better to take your time when making fruits.”

Kuders muttered unhappily after taking a bite of the apple.

In spite of just performing a miracle, there was not a speck of satisfaction on his face.


This was because the ‘Flower Field’ attribute was an attribute that allowed him to twist reality and ‘make the flower that he wanted bloom on whatever thing or whatever place that he wanted’… In other words, what he had just done was very basic to him.

His personality and their prejudices had made others blind to it, but Kuders’s abilities were, in fact, more than enough to make him worthy of his former position.


His attribute was actually nightmarishly frightening, and yet, it had been given the name ‘Flower Field’ by none other than the culprit who had raised Kuders to be a good-natured and humble person. The previous Emperor.

That dead man was really just a horrible trickster.

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  1. Ya, making any flower does not sound scary at first, until you consider how many flowers contain or are coated in toxins, since nature is not nice and likes to defend itself.

    • Noy to mention any flesh eating plants this fantasy world may have. Are treants plants? He can potentially make an army of wood element golems.

  2. To grow them… anywhere? YeahNoThanksGoingNowBye.
    Thanks for the chapters. This is definitely going on my reading list (and I’m full of hope, looking forward to reading the future suffering of the new Demon King).

  3. The ultimate weapon against anyone with pollen allergies… Harass them at any time with whatever makes them sniffle the most.
    Thank you for the translation!

  4. Makes flowers bloom from the flesh of your foes and watching them panic and trying to rip them off (obviously using poison flowers 😉)

  5. What makes it even more terrifying it doesn’t seem to have to an exiting plant or that he can chimera a plant enough that it becomes a nonexistent plant but it seem like the first one so far

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