Flower Field Demon King – 2

Chapter 2


It was a refreshing morning in the forest.

However, on this particular morning, there was something rather foreign sitting in the middle of it.

The thing…looked a lot like a white orchid flower.

However, it would be necessary to add a few words to describe it properly.


First, have you ever heard of the cypripedium macranthos flower?

It is a type of orchid flower that has sack-like petals.

Such was the flower that was blooming in the forest.


Still, the fact that it was there was not terribly unusual.

What was most unusual was its size.

The swollen sack-like petal was so large that an adult human could easily fit inside. Not only that, but it was filled with fibers that resembled cotton.


If only other people could have seen it. There was no doubt that nine out of ten viewers would think of sleeping bags.

This is, of course, based on the assumption that the tenth person was senile or blind.


All of a sudden, something that appeared to be human skin showed itself from the brim.

It was a human limb. A very muscular arm.

The arm seemed to be searching for something. After a short while, it grabbed the dark-rimmed glasses it was looking for.


“Phew… It’s already morning.”

Muttered a voice as a person came out of the flower sleeping bag. It was Kuders.

And he was naked.


That being said, it was not because he had become absorbed in lewd things or decided to return to nature.

It was because he did not want to get his only pair of clothes dirty, since he sweated a lot when he slept.


And so the body that had been strengthened by much farmwork was fully exposed to the morning air. He then put his palms on the ground and unleashed his magic.



In the next instant, a giant flower appeared.

This one looked like a great bowl, and just like the others, it was big enough to cover a large adult male like Kuders.


A few seconds passed.

There were the sounds of bubbling, and then clear liquid started to overflow from the flower.

Now, this was a flower that no one knew of. And so it would be quite difficult to imagine.

But if one were to try, one might say that it was a convenient chimera of a plant that Kuders’ magic had brought to life.


“Hmm, seems to be ready.”

When there was enough liquid, he lowered his body into the bowl and let out the kind of moan that an old man would while getting into a bath.

Then he rubbed his body in the lukewarm water, cleansing his skin from the sweat and dirt.


“Phew. Yes, I have to start the day by purifying myself. Or else I just feel disgusting.”

He cracked the joints in his neck and shoulders and sighed. Yes, it was the sight of an old man.


Once he was finished bathing, he reached for a branch in the tree where a cloth had been hanging, and he wrapped it around his waist.

Now that he had somewhat returned to a civilized appearance, he started to rummage in a nearby bush.


“Hmm. They are nice and chilled.”

He said as he pulled out a large, hard fruit that looked like a coconut.

Kuders drove a stake into it to make a hole, then he drank it deliciously.

Coconut water? No. The smell that wafted around him was definitely alcohol. To be accurate, it was chilled beer.


Yes, this old man…had planted a magic beer plant the previous night.

A colossal waste of talent. And to drink first thing in the morning.

It was not the kind of thing to do when you were trying to survive in the wild.


“Now, food, food…”

As Kuders now felt very refreshed, he moved over to something that looked like a pitcher plant and pulled out a small bird he had caught the previous day. Then he hummed to himself as he began to prepare it.

As the bird had been soaked in the digestive fluids, it no longer had any feathers to deal with. Not only that, but the enzymes had softened the meat and even added an appetizing and spicy aroma.

It was a sight to make any cook maddeningly jealous.


Then he just made another one of the flowers he used for his bath and washed out all the guts before throwing the meat into a metal flower.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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