Flower Field Demon King – 2


Then he made a fire with a strange spark-making flower and added vegetables that had the ability to draw salt from the ground… This ‘flower field attribute’ cooking method went on for the next 30 minutes.


“Hmm. The food tastes great today.”

In any case, it was much better than the food in your average inn. Kuders enjoyed eating it all and even grabbed a second coconut beer.

…Degenerate. Yes, it seemed like a good word to describe him.

Who would have thought that this was how he would look after five days had passed since he was exiled from his home with only the clothes on his back?


Still, his power had limits.

As far as daily necessities, such as clothes, he had to acquire them soon.


After he finished his breakfast, he returned the sleeping and bathing and other plants that aided his degenerate lifestyle into the dirt. Then Kuders looked at the sun to determine which direction was south, and then he started walking towards it.

His goal was a human settlement.

Of course, there was no actual guarantee that there would be a human settlement in that direction, but as the demon territories were on the north side of the continent, he was at least in no danger of wandering back to the Demon Empire by accident.


After nearly an hour of walking.

“…A road.”

After traveling through much wild terrain, a path of bare soil that had clearly been affected by humans now appeared.

Upon finally arriving in human lands, Kuders could not help but raise his head as he closed his eyes and put a hand to his chest.

It was all very moving, but this unfortunate demon had no god to give thanks to.


“How wonderful! So this is the beginning of my tale of love! The first person I meet… Yes, the person I am destined to be with! What kind of person will it be? A poor maiden who is attacked by a monster while gathering herbs? Or will it be a princess who is traveling in disguise and then attacked by bandits who are really knights from an enemy kingdom? Hehehe. I do not love to fight, but if it is for my future darling, I will do anything!!”

Just the mere whiff of civilization had caused Kuders’ flower field braid to go into overdrive.

His cheeks became flushed as his imagination was filled with passion. Indeed, the sight of the man standing there among the trees with the dazed expression was quite gross, to put it mildly.


Now, to continue the journey.

He didn’t know how much further he would have to walk, but it was clear that he was nearing human civilization.

Or so he told himself as he started to walk. And that is when it happened.


“Hey, old man. If you value your life, surrender, and hand over your valuables! …Uh, what the… Geez, what’s with that face. Now even I feel sorry for you!!”

The memorable occasion. The first person destiny had brought to him…was a filthy old man with a knife.

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