Realist Demon King – 64

The People Are Your Defense


We returned from the dungeon called the ‘Ruin of Ashgold.’


The adventure doesn’t end until you reach home!

Then dungeon continues until you reach your door!


Adventurers were known to say such things. And in a way, it was true. It was important to stay cautious at all times.


However, it had not been a difficult journey going, and it was not much different going back.


We didn’t meet any strong enemies. It only took one day to return to the surface. There, we took the carriage and returned to Ashtaroth castle.


There were no bandits to get in our way this time.

I remembered a song then. About things going well on your way to a place, but being frightful on the way back. It was the reverse for us.


Of course, no one here knew of such a song. So instead, I listened to Jeanne hum.


It was beautiful and she could stay on key. A surprising talent for her.


One day, it might be good to have her take proper lessons and become a singer. But that would not happen until I had conquered all and brought peace to this age.


Right now, I needed a brilliant commander.

And I had brought her in as personnel in war, not to sing.

As I gazed at her with these thoughts, I was suddenly reminded of something in my breast pocket.

It was the metal object in the bag.


“This was what I had wanted. But I do not know who it is from.”


It was a shuriken, which meant it was related to ninjas. But Yoshinobu, the last shogun of the Tokugawa clan had used them as a hobby. And so there were other possibilities as well.

Of course, Hanzo would be very disappointed if someone like that were summoned.


I would be too.

He was not exactly a person that everyone had a high opinion of.


Some might say that he kept the country free from revolts and offered the regime to the new government. A wise man.


But others would say that he wasted his powerful forces and ended a history that had lasted two hundred and fifty years. A fool.


I preferred to look at history with a cool view, and while I found the decision commendable, I also looked at him with indifference.


Still, he had been called the second coming of Ieyasu himself.

He would be helpful if he was summoned.

I started to feel that way, in any case. But then I realized something with a self-deprecating laugh.

Eve turned to me.


“Master. What is it that you find amusing?”


I told her honestly.


“Well, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve really gone up in this world.”


“Ah, you are the greatest of all. Did you not know that?”


“I don’t care for flattery…”


Still, I really had gone up.


At first, I would have been thankful with any commander that was a Hero. But here I was now, being selective.


It reminded me of something an old Chinese king once said.


‘I acquired Gansu, and now I want Shu han.’


It was him realizing the extent of his own greed, once he realized he wanted to subjugate the kingdom of Shu han after he had acquired Gansu. Cao Cao would also quote him.


And it applied to me as well.

I had to be careful. Eve heard all of this and agreed.


“Very good, Master. You are the humblest of Demon Kings.”


I thanked her and told her to prepare for the soul summoning.


It was time to put our drifted relic to use.

I didn’t know what I would get from it, but there was something about summoning that excited me every time.


In Japan, there were games that allowed the common people to enjoy a similar sensation. It was rather lucky that I was to do it in this world.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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