Realist Demon King – 70

The Saint’s Z


Chests filled with golden coins were brought to the war council room.


I didn’t bring it to the treasure room as it might confuse some people and get mixed up.


In other words, they were that similar. You could not tell them apart.

Fuma Kotaro saw this and raised his voice in surprise.


“That is amazing. World domination will be no distant dream with so much gold.”


“If it was real, yes.”


And then I told him what we would be doing.


“I want you to take this gold and infiltrate the enemy territory.”




“You will disguise yourself as a great merchant. You will spread the word in advance that you are carrying gold to the south cities.”


“And you think Demon King Decarbia will hear of this and steal the money.”




“However, wouldn’t it look suspicious if I carried ten thousand pieces of gold on one trip?”


“Indeed. So you should go as three groups and use separate routes.”


“That is a good idea.”


“And if he does take the bait, I would have plenty of reason to declare war. After all, he attacked a merchant that was under my protection.”


“But, it’s not real.”


“No one will notice for weeks. I will move before then. He will become frantic once I declare war. That means he will want to strengthen his forces in a hurry. I believe he will hire human mercenaries and also buy lots of supplies.”


“All with your fake money.”


“Exactly. He will be able to pay them. But what will happen after that? How will they react to fake money that suddenly disappears? Will they trust him?”


“Not at all.”


Fuma Kotaro laughed.


“Aye. His hired mercenaries will revolt. His merchants will abandon him.”


“So, the army of Demon King Decarbia will be thrown into chaos.”


“Yes, and it will be easy enough to defeat such an army.”


“You may even be able to take his land without meeting him in battle.”


“It would be nice if things worked so well, but I do not have such high expectations. We must prepare for battle.”


Then I turned to look at Jeanne d’Arc.


She was not particularly intelligent. In fact, I was not sure that she had been following the conversation up until now. But she did understand that I intended on weakening Demon King Decarbia’s army.


“I will do my best for you, Demon King!”


She said through clenched fists.


On the other hand, Toshizou said,

“You are as cowardly as ever, My Lord.”

After this compliment, he asked about the formation of the troops.


“Same as before. I will lead the monsters. You will lead a mixed group of monsters and humans. Jeanne will lead the human mercenaries.”


“Yes, the same as always.”


Jeanne said with a smile.


“By the way, we are practically even in strength. But if my plan works, they will be thrown into chaos, giving us a much higher chance of winning.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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