Realist Demon King – 70


“And if it fails?”


Toshizou asked the unfortunate question.


“I’ll stop this war and scamper off.”


“Well, your plans have yet to fail, so I am not worrying about that.”


Toshizou and Eve trusted me greatly. But I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing.

It wasn’t good to barely manage to get out of desperate situations every time through artifice.

I say it all the time, but usually, it was the larger number that defeated the smaller number.

This was even in the writings of Sun Tsu. Clausewitz’s On War as well.

There was no reverse for that.

We would be following that rule this time as well.


I chose an enemy whose strength matched ours the most. And then I would do what I can to weaken them and decrease their fighting force.


If that failed. Then it would only be right to back out of the fight.

I told this to my commanders, and Jeanne agreed.


“This ‘Sunko’ person you always talk about is very wise. It’s rare for a woman to know so much about warfare.”


“Sun Tsu. Not Sunko.”


I corrected her, as it was a grave insult to a great strategist. Then I told them to go and prepare the soldiers.


As the soldiers trained everyday, preparations just meant gathering weapons and ammunition.

There was also food and deciding which routes to take.


As it was custom to allow the soldiers to rest before battle, they were also given money.


There was a lot to do, to be honest.

However, these bland tasks greatly affected the outcome of a battle.

In the past, no Hero ever won by taking the issue of supplies lightly.

A good king knew the importance of food and did not allow his men to starve.


I was not likely to become a Hero, but I could avoid being a foolish king. In any case, food was one thing that was very important to me.


Thankfully, I collected plenty of taxes and we had more than enough food. It seemed that I would have no problem getting this war started.


This was mostly due to Eve and Gottlieb, who administered as my hands and feet.


I would have to reward them in some way when the battle was won.


As I thought about this, I declared that the meeting had come to an end. People started to leave, until there was only one person who remained.


The gold-haired Saint.

She looked like she wanted to say something.


But she looked hesitant. Perhaps because it was a war council and she knew that I was busy.

And so I said, ‘What is it?’ in a gentle voice. She then approached.


She smiled broadly and then opened her book.


“Demon King, look! I reached the letter ‘Z.’ Now I know all of the letters.”


I said that it was very impressive and patted her on the head.

She had worked long and hard to learn this.


It seemed like I often ended up instructing her before a battle. Perhaps it was turning into a tradition for us.


And so I decided that she could move on to learning to read words.

It was quite the step up.

When I told her this, she smiled happily and said,


“I am glad! Thank you, Demon King!”


And then she threw her arms around me. She felt soft and smelled very nice.

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