Realist Demon King – 71

Jeanne’s Room


While waiting for the results and making preparations for battle, I sometimes helped Jeanne with her studies.


As she had learned the alphabet, it was now time to teach her about grammar. Well, no. She had to learn individual words first.


The alphabet in this world was much the same as that of Europe in that other world I used to research.


From what I understood, it was based on a language known as Latin.

Though, I did not know the details of that.


As my thoughts began to drift away, I noticed that Jeanne was waiting next to me with bright, expectant eyes.


Ah, she seemed like she could not wait to learn.

Well, I could just teach her here, in the strategy room, I thought. But then, I noticed something.

There was someone looking at us through a crack in the door.


She was glaring this way without moving an inch.

But I could see a flash of the white brim.


Evidently, she was not pleased with the idea that we should spend time together.


That was fine in itself, but she made it known in a way that was rather distracting. As I sighed, Jeanne made a suggestion.


“Demon King, perhaps we should move to my room.”


“Your room?”


“Yes, my room. The room you gave to me.”


“Well, I don’t see why not.”


“Then let us go.”


Jeanne said as she gathered her book and pen.

Just as she left the room, Jeanne looked at Eve and said,


“The Demon King and I are going to go and study. I’m sure you have a lot of work to do as a maid. I don’t think he’ll like it if you neglect your duties.”


Eve was clearly annoyed by these words, but she could hardly argue against them.

“Very well.”


She said as she stepped down.


However, just as Jeanne walked past, she turned to her and said,

“My ‘duties’ would include bringing you tea as well. I wouldn’t do anything too bold, if I were you.”


Jeanne clicked her tongue but forced a smile.

“Thank you.”


I was witnessing something like the tenacity and vindictiveness of women, but ignored it as we continued off to Jeanne’s room.


The Ashtaroth castle had a number of guest rooms, but they were separated by gender.


And as Jeanne was the only female commander, she had a vast area to herself for now.


“Oh, where does Eve live anyway? Wasn’t it close by?”


Jeanne asked as her head moved from side to side.


“She lives in a corner of the castle with the other maids. She is the head maid, after all.”


“I see. Yes, that seems like something she would do.”


Eve was essentially second in command in this castle. She could have taken a luxurious room to live in if she wanted to.

She could have even had a nice house in the town to herself.


I suppose she preferred to stay close by, but I sometimes wished she would learn to indulge herself a little.


Of course, it was no use telling her this.


“That maid is so stingy. Not just to others, but to herself. She doesn’t like to use money.”


“Well, she can be a little bit of a miser, yes.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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