Realist Demon King – 75

Fleeing Starfish


The fight would not be single combat.

It was my personal opinion, that it was something you did if you were very strong or very foolish.

If I could avoid it, then I would.


I hadn’t been able to avoid it in the past, but there was no point in battling alone this time.


After all, I wasn’t even sure how to go about fighting a Demon King that was not a humanoid.

And so it was a great relief to me to have a ninja by my side at this time.


Fuma Kotaro had eight kunai in his hands, and he began to launch them towards Decarbia.


I suppose he was seeing how the Demon King would react first. However, Decarbia didn’t even dodge them.


Instead, he conjured a magic barrier and stopped all of them.


“Demon King. Clearly, this Decarbia thing fights with magic.”




That was another thing that separated him from the previous Demon Kings.

Both Sabnac and Eligos had been warriors.


They had also been quite strong, but predictable in a way. As for this starfish, I had no idea what it would do next.


It didn’t even have a readable face expression.

So, what would it do?

As I watched, the starfish began to glow. And then a ray of light shot out from the center.

It came out in a straight line and went right through Fuma Kotaro’s heart.

It continued to pierce through the walls, making holes in the castle.

Kotaro fell heavily to the floor. But I wasn’t worried.

This was a ninja.

A legendary ninja.

I would be very surprised if he would die in just one hit.

I imagined him getting up and shouting a line, just like out of a novel.


“Decoy Art!’”


And indeed, when I looked at the ground again, there was just a log there.


As for the real Fuma Kotaro, he had gone around to the back of Decarbia, and was slashing at it.


—But then again, Decarbia had the pentagram on both sides, so I wasn’t sure which side was the front and which the back.


In any case, he had succeeded in launching an attack.


Blood sprayed into the air.

I might have been more relieved than anyone else in the room.


There had been some doubt in my mind about it even being mortal. But it was now clear that it took physical damage.


We just needed to attack it when the barrier wasn’t up.

So it could be defeated by either attacking it where it wasn’t protected or by breaking the actual barrier. I chose the first option.


The barrier was only in the front, so if I continued to draw Decarbia’s attention, Fuma Kotaro would be able to kill it from the back.


He would understand my aim without me having to say anything, and so I started to launch my attack magic.


Little by little, the wounds on the starfish increased. It was getting weaker.


“We can win!”


It was just as I thought this. Decarbia’s body began to glow once again.

Perhaps this was his last, desperate attack.

His energy was concentrated outward and then unleashed. This time, it was a very thick ray of light.

Not only that, but other smaller rays came out of it as it rotated.

It was a 360-degree attack.

I thought it was merely vain resistance at first, but it wasn’t.


The rays were clearly meant to destroy the throne room. And just like that, the bricks from the ceiling began to fall and the pillars crumbled.


I took a step back and created a magic barrier in order to protect Eve. In the meantime, Decarbia escaped.


I had assumed that the starfish would be quite slow, but he was so fast I could barely see him go.

But he did leave some amusing words first.


“Demon King Ashtaroth. Cowardly strategist. You may have taken my castle, but this is not the only one under my rule. As long as I have this body and the will to fight, you will never win.”


And with that, he disappeared through a hole in the ceiling.


Fuma Kotaro saw this and whistled.

“Now there are more people out there who want you dead.”

He laughed.


And so I replied confidently.


“It comes with the role of being a Demon King. One more enemy is not going to make me uneasy.”


“Well, that is very bold of you, Demon King.”

While we both seemed amused, there was a certain maid standing next to us who looked quite upset.


In fact, she looked depressed and had a faraway look in her eyes.

I knew why.

She was blaming herself for Decarbia’s escape.


As she was a maid I had relied on so much up until now, I had to do something about it.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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