Ryusousha – 43

Chapter 43


“What are you doing here, brother?”

I asked quietly after making sure that there was no one nearby.


“Surprised, aren’t you?”

“Of course, I’m surprised. I did think that I might meet you in the city, since Mister Dordof said you’d be here. But why are you working in this store?”


He said that he had intended to surprise me.

Well, he succeeded!


“The owner who used to run this store had a back injury, and so he retired.”



“Someone else was hired temporarily during the school break. But as they couldn’t restock or manage the products, I have a lot of work to do now. After all, only people with permission are allowed in here.”


“Huh. I didn’t know that.”

Well, it was on private property, so I doubted people who were completely unrelated were allowed to enter.


“Yes, there are even magic barriers in place. Anyone with the Dragon Mark is allowed to enter. So you just never noticed it.”

“I see.”


“Why do you think they have the opening ceremony in the Royal Academy? It’s because they can’t call all of those guests here.”


Aside from those with the Dragon Mark, the only people who were allowed to enter were teachers and staff.

So even if your family visited, they would not be allowed to come inside.

Of course, that included people who wanted to be Patrons.


“I didn’t know that.”


“Well, that’s how it is. And since there was no one else, I was asked to come in. By the way, it was also an order from Her Majesty.”


“Ah, that makes sense. You must be the linker. But what about Sol?”


“There are other Right Feet over there. And my father can run the store. We never needed that many people working there at once in the first place.”

“Does that mean you’re not going to call my sister?”

“Well, you’re only going to be here for two years, and I’ll go back once in a while. It’s not like we can work together anyway.”

It was apparently very difficult to obtain permission to enter.


Christan then told me that he was currently living in a room that was in the back of the store.

And as they had fixed supplies, he did not need to go around and buy products to restock the shelves.


“I heard that you’re working as a Right Hand here as well? That’s quite bold of you. The Dragon Master stuff should be keeping you busy enough.”


“I don’t know how often I’ll be getting orders, and I doubt Her Majesty will give me anything that’s too difficult.”

But I did decrease her number of Right Hands, so I suppose I had to make up for it.


“I see. While I’m in charge of you now, Siluru will continue to watch you as well.”



“So, you don’t know her name? I’m talking about the Right Foot that you’ve been working with recently.”


“Ah, that lady. Her name is Siluru, huh?”

That was the first time I had heard her name.


“It sounds like you don’t…”

Before he could finish, a surprised voice rang from behind me.


When I turned around, I saw a female student who was holding a bouquet of flowers and looking very embarrassed.

“…What happened?”


“Well, it’s the day after the opening ceremony, you know? Someone she met there must have sent her those flowers. And by the look of things, it was someone important. A noble or merchant.”


“A Patron candidate. They must have had those flowers preordered.”


They sure moved fast.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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