Ryusousha – 19

Chapter 19


“You do know that there are dragons of different sizes?”

“Yeah, of course.”


“Large, medium and small. It is said that no students will get a large dragon this year.”


“Really? I thought no one knew which dragons they will get? Even if larger dragons are rare, how can they be sure?”


“Good question. However, there are notable differences in years where large dragons are acquired. …The caretaker told me how many new students we have this year. 27 in all. Last year, it was 31. What do you think about that?”


“It seems normal. Don’t they say that it’s about 30 people who acquire a dragon every year?”


“Yes. It is an average year. There are three Dragon Masters working today that have large dragons. And the records show that they had very few fellow students during their time here. It tends to be around 10 students.”


“So, a third.”


“The dragon welcoming ceremony happens in the new year. The new Dragon Marks appear about 50 days after that. It’s said that it takes half a year for all of the marks to show up.”


I knew that.

The Dragon Mark just starts popping up on people who are living their peaceful lives.


“The Dragon Mark appeared on me in the seventh month. So it was quite late.”


“Mine wasn’t late or early. It was in the fourth month! So, these dragons put their marks on us. But do you know why it’s usually a similar number every year?”


I didn’t know. I just thought it was the way things were. 

“Maybe there is a limit to how many can come out during the Dragon Welcoming Ceremony?”


“It is probably close to that. So, this is what I think. The ceremony takes place in the arena. And the dragons are all in a playground where they wait in line every year for their turn to get in.”


“That’s an amusing thought.”


“So, when the ceremony ends, the dragons come into this world. And then, that leaves an empty space, right?”



“So, the next group of dragons comes into the playground. Of course, they can only come in if they found a partner.”

“First come, first served.”


“Something like that. But this is a partner, so you don’t want to compromise. But taking too long also means the playground will become full for next year.”

“It’s an interesting idea.”


“So, back to the large dragons. The playground isn’t unlimited in terms of space. So, if a large dragon comes in, then there is less space for other dragons to enter.”


“You think that’s the reason why there are fewer students for years with a large dragon?”


“Who can say for sure? But it would explain things, that’s all I’m saying. Similarly, medium-sized dragons take up more space than the small ones.”


“I see. Last year was 31 students. How many medium-sized dragons were there?”


“I heard that 4 students acquired medium-sized dragons. The number is usually 10 or 20 percent that of small dragons.”

“And you said there are 27 new students this year? By your reasoning, there should be more medium-sized dragons this year.”


“I wish I could say that, but looking at the data for every year shows that it’s not necessarily the case. Though, there is a slight correlation. I can’t be sure about it yet.”


After everything he said, he was suddenly backing off…


“Then what about this supposed playground? What’s the point in cherry-picking and interpreting things like that?”


“Well, I wouldn’t be too sure. I think it’s a matter that needs to be investigated completely.”


Investigated? I didn’t understand.

“What do you mean?”


“The Dragon Welcoming Ceremony takes place in the new year. But are those really the only people who acquire dragons?”



Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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