Ryusousha – 9

Chapter 9


I had arrived at the Royal Capital.

Damn it.


There was no turning back now.

Well, maybe there never was a time to turn back.


The carriage took me straight to the dormitory.


“It’s…smaller than I expected.”


It was was a three-story building.

I was then told that it housed both male and female students.


It seemed quite strange that they weren’t separated.

Having them use the same building could result in trouble.


“Not enough money, perhaps…?”


No, surely that wasn’t the reason.


“The best explanation I can think of is since most students will be joining the army after graduation, they might as well get accustomed to that life early on.”


And follow the rules.

Maybe we would be secretly monitored to ensure that no mistakes were made.


“Still, I should have looked outside more.”


I hadn’t looked outside at all on the way here.

But I had to go to the royal castle tonight.


“Maybe I’ll take a walk later.”


The Dragon Academy was on the north side of the city.

I knew that, at least.

But then again, that was the only thing I knew.


“Uhh. If I’m not wrong, the Dragon Master Grounds were directly north of the castle.”


That was where Dragon Masters trained every day.

I had heard that it was huge. Big enough to contain a small town.


And it was there that Dragon Masters who were in the military lived and slept.


And the Dragon Academy was north of that.

So that meant it was very, very far up north.


“I only saw the merchant district the last time I came here.”

That and the castle.

Of course, it had been nighttime when I went.


So, it seemed like the northern part of the royal capital was reserved for dragons and Dragon Masters.

The citizens of the city did not live in this area much.


It wasn’t as if it was entirely closed off to them, but it felt shockingly remote, considering this was the royal capital.


“It would be a lot easier to navigate if it was on the south side.”


There was a single great road that stretched from the castle to the south.


It was called the ‘Dragon’s Back,’ and flying dragons used it as a landmark for returning to the Dragon Master Grounds.

The road was one-hundred meters wide.


This great road was used during dragon parades as well.


As I stood there, someone came out of the dormitory.


“Are you moving in?”

“Yes. I’m to start studying here this year. My name is Leon.”


“I’m the caretaker. You can call me Conrant. Now, if you would just let me inspect your permit and dragon mark.”



I put out my left hand and showed it to him.


“Yes, I see. Very well, Mister Leon. I will take you to your room. Please carry your own belongings.”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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