Flower Field Demon King – 25

Chapter 25


“Tsk. This has become very troublesome indeed.”

During that time, goddess of lust, Moral, was alone and biting her nails.


“Just when I am able to return to the surface, they have to get in my way. This is just ridiculous!”

She was so enraged that she bit off the tip of one of her nails.

At the same time, a freshwater pearl that decorated her index finer fell to the ground.


“Ahhh! I’m so annoyed by all of this! So, so annoyed!!”

Instead of picking up the fallen pearl, she ground it under her foot as if it were the reason for her anger. 

Once she was satisfied that it was ground into powder, she returned to biting her nails.


“Who the hell is that old man, anyway? How can there be someone like that here!?”

She was a rank-one goddess. The very idea that she could come down here and not have everything go her way was unthinkable.


However, the old man had immediately seen the danger in her. He was clearly dangerous himself.

Though, he looked rather plain. Well, except for his height.

Yes, he seemed like a harmless old man, and yet he had been unaffected by the power of Charm that she had unleashed on everyone. It didn’t make any sense.


“Well, he did break through the seal and drag me down here by force. So I was expecting someone very strong. But not to this degree!”

Her gut instinct had told her that the person who summoned her was the old one.

At least, there was no way it was the bulky young guy next to him.


That meant he had more magic power than her… The only explanation for that was that he was a Hero that served another god, or he was the lord of the Demon Empire.

Or he could be a royal dragon who was disguised as a human?


But a Hero would never have released her from her cage, and the lord of the Demon Empire would not have been able to resist her Charm.

…So, that meant he was a royal dragon. But this old man was wearing glasses and had long dirt-colored hair that covered half of his face. He was just so plain.


Dragons were extravagant and proud creatures without exception. He didn’t fit that description in the least.

She didn’t know how to define him other than being a complete mystery.


“…Damn it! The second-rate brat was enough trouble already. Why did this other guy have to be here! This is the worst!!”

The more she thought about it, the more worried she became.

She had been able to move first and set the villagers onto them. But they had immediately seen that the situation was to their disadvantage, and they had fled without hesitation.

The fact that they hadn’t just attacked showed that they were sly and practical… In other words, they would be difficult to deal with.


Not only that, but they were currently locked up inside of a building. And even when she tried to look inside with magic, she had been blocked by a barrier.

She knew from experience that giving them time was a very bad idea.

There was no saying what kind of plan he would think of.


“Well, it doesn’t seem like he did anything to the building for now. Maybe I should just have the villagers take it apart.”

She sighed as she came to this conclusion. And as always, Moral put on her disguise.


But then again, this personality was part of her, to begin with.

While it may have seemed like the opposite of how she usually was, she also liked playing the idol.


“Everyone! Please listen to me! I don’t think they will come out if we leave them like this. And so, while it may be a little rude, can you…break down the house?”


She suggested this with downcast eyes that were full of sorrow. And so the people immediately agreed.

The villagers brought out their carpentry tools from their houses and started to take apart the shed.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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