Flow Field Demon King – 5

Chapter 5


If only—if only everyone became miserable.

Such was the curse that the girl muttered to herself as she glared up at the clear blue sky.


If her gaze had a color, she would use it to paint the sky black.

If her anger had a heat, she would turn this entire country into ash.


However, no matter how much she hated and glared, the sky remained blue. And men and women laughed as they walked outside.

It was all horribly wrong.

Why was the outside world filled with such happiness when she was so very unhappy?


As she was thinking of this, something yellow appeared in the corner of her vision.

It was a rose.

A bouquet of yellow roses with a single red rose in the center.


Yellow roses were supposed to symbolize ‘jealousy.’ And if you sent them to a lover, it suggested you were bored of love. However, if you added just one red rose to the bunch, it meant ‘a heart that does not give up.’


It was a complicated message that many would misunderstand, however, not in this case.

A person who was tired of the usual romantic lines might find this more intriguing. If anything, it was a smart approach.

Of course, she couldn’t think of anyone who would do this to her, except for one person.


“It’s you again?”

“Yes, it is I.”


The reply came from a middle-aged man in black-rimmed glasses.

He was very tall and had a calm face with rather angular features.

His shabby robes hid most of his body, but it at least seemed like his stomach did not protrude.

In a way, he should not have been considered bad-looking. But there was something about the overall effect that just felt mediocre.


“Go away. I am quite busy, and have no time to talk with the likes of you.”

She all but flung the cold words at him. But she—who had lost her family name and middle name, and was merely called ‘Adelia,’ did not actually hate this man who knelt before her.

In fact, she felt rather relaxed around him. He was kind and his soft words were comforting. But more than anything, he did not look at her with the same curiosity that others did.


“Oh, excuse me. But, do you mind if I ask about what you have been busy with?”

—It has nothing to do with you.

She was about to say, but then changed her mind.

Then she smiled and said the following words with much venom in her voice.


“I was cursing my misfortune and wishing havoc on the people and the world. Now, get out of here.”

—It was very hateful indeed.

Most people would have said, ‘she’s a wicked villain after all…’ And then they would have left.

She had expected him to say something like that herself. But to her disappointment, this man was a demon.

Not only that, but he had been one of the Four Kings.


“Ahh, that is important business indeed. I am sorry to disturb you.”

“…Are you mocking me?”

Her disappointment was expressed with an angrily raised eyebrow.

However, Kuders shook his head as if he could not comprehend what she meant. He looked confused.


“Never. Did I give that impression?”

“No, you didn’t. The only thing that should be mocked here is your face.”

She said. Then she chuckled because she found her own words very amusing. When she laughed, the dark atmosphere in the room seemed to clear a little.


Kuders watched as she laughed. Then he put the flowers on the table and looked directly into Adelia’s eyes.

And he asked her in a soft voice.


“What is it…that you hate so much?”

In an instant, it was as if Adelia had been pulled away from her happy dream. Her eyes widened and then she looked at Kuders with a smile filled with malice and hostility.


“What I hate? Don’t make me laugh. There is no one in this country that does not know my story.”

However, Kuders could only scratch his head.

After all, he did not know the reason at all.


“Uhhh, the truth is… I was far away from this country up until a few days ago. So I really don’t know.”

He answered. Adelia could no longer blame him.


“Oh, I see. It is not something I want to recollect, but I will tell you if you want to know. After all, everyone else in this country already knows.”


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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