Shatei Kyokufuri – 67

Data.61 – Old Bowman, Under the Flag

‘Congratulations on beating the dungeon-nyon!’

Charin appeared.

‘Since none of you were killed, you will all be presented with a medal-nyon! Ah, actually, we can’t give it to Mister Fish and players who have already got one, so it’s two players to be precise-nyon!’

And so Hatake and I were given the Scorpion medals.
As always, it had the constellation made of jewels.
And on the back…was a realistic scorpion.
It looked pretty cool to me, but Petta probably hated hers…

‘And… Oh, what a surprise-nyon! You defeated 10 Hell Stingers-nyon! But the special reward is still the same-nyon! Rules are rules, okay-nyon?’

The special reward was simply Gold Nuggets.
Its effect was also simple. It sold for a high price.
There were few items that were this simple.

However, I had never lacked for money in this game.
In this world, the monetary unit was NS.
There were various ways of acquiring it, but the best was to kill monsters.
And since I had been doing little but defeating monsters, my money kept increasing.

You could also sell the items that monsters dropped.
I would also sell old equipment that was inferior and didn’t have any special skills. Especially if I didn’t like the way they looked or they didn’t have any particular sentimental value to me.
Crafting items were also easy to acquire, and I had no idea how to use most of them.
And so I kept most of them just in case. However, if I acquired too much of one material, I would sell it as well.

As for what you could do with all of this money called ‘NS’…there wasn’t much.
Well, I was able to buy loads of recovery items for my adventures.
After all, neither Garbow or I had recovery skills, so it was our lifeline.

However, that was about it as far as using money.
It seemed like other players used money for ‘strengthening their weapons,’ but in my case, the Windcloud set was rare and already very strong.
If you wanted to make strong equipment even stronger, then you needed rare materials.
And I had yet to find materials that could be used with the Windcloud set.

Well, it’s not like having too much money saved up was a problem, and I had no complaints in regards to the Windcloud set.
They were my main set that worked perfectly with the current event.
I liked them, and relied on their weapon skills and charge attacks, so I planned to continue to use them and enhance them eventually.
However, there was no need to worry about strengthening them now.

‘You will be warped to the entrance of the pyramid! Good work-nyon!’

In a flash, our surroundings changed to the desert.
So now I have 4 medals.
As there were 12 labyrinths, this meant I had cleared a third of them.

“Thanks, old man! I was able to get a medal because of you!”

“Don’t mention it. You helped me a lot as well.”

We had helped each other.
At first, I had thought that I made a big mistake joining this party, but in the end, I think that things went smoother than they would have had I been solo.
We weren’t really coordinated when fighting, but it was still an exciting and fun adventure.

“Here’s something to show my gratitude! Please accept it!”

What Hatake sent me was…
A friend request.


“There’s no need to feel undeserving, just because I’m a 3rd! After all, you’re stronger than me, old man!”

“Uh, thanks.”

“It’s to show my appreciation! Of course, it’s not an invitation to our guild or anything. Just a personal connection! After all, if we let you in, then everyone would start to rely on you! I understand your playstyle pretty well. But then again, I don’t know what you’ve been up to after the turf war!”

As I had survived even when alone during the turf war, Hatake must think that I was good when playing solo.
And he wasn’t wrong…
But during that event, I hadn’t been solo by choice. Though I didn’t see why I should point that out now.

“Could it be that you’ve never accepted a friend request? Should I teach you how to do it?”

“No, I’ve done it recently.”

And so I accepted the request.
Now there were two player names on the list.

Like Necoco, I had met Hatake a number of times, even though it was a coincidence. And he was someone who was easy to understand.
And while there were some things about him that were rather unique, he understood my playstyle. I had no reason to refuse.
Besides, I wasn’t sure I had the courage to…!

Hatake had the expression of someone who thought there was no one in the world who would reject a friend request from him.
I just wasn’t a match for that kind of confidence.
If you wanted to broaden your human connections, it was better to advertise yourself rather than be withdrawn.

Once that was done, I glanced over to Petta.
She had been quiet for a while now…

“Ah, I only add people I know in real life. Sorry.”

It couldn’t be helped if she assumed that I had wanted to be added, given how the conversation was going. But now I look like some sad old guy who was rejected by the cool younger players, when it wasn’t my intention!
Still, it was good that she too was able to clearly state her opinion.
I had been trained to say everything in a roundabout way, and was quite envious of that.

“Regardless, you really helped us. The members of our guild actually tried to help Hatake clear the dungeon a few times, but we couldn’t. I think we were just lucky the first time. And so we had decided to just do it later. After all, it was taking too much time and there is the penalty for dying.”

Is that right?
When it was first brought up, Hatake had said that the others had already beaten it and couldn’t bother to do it again. So I had been slightly worried that there was some friction within the guild.

“We post videos of our guild online, and Hatake is the most popular. It’s because he’s fun to watch regardless if he succeeds or fails. And so we all rely on him. He isn’t disregarded or anything. But the composition of our guild is just a mess, which has been making the trials quite difficult.”

“Well, while a lot of game videos feature skilled players, there is definitely room for people who barely make it.”

“Right!? That’s why we have to clear these high-level events on our own! While you helped us this time, we’ll do the rest as a guild. I doubt we’ll be asking for your help any time soon. So don’t worry.”

“I’m also quite busy, since I’m a popular gamer.”

“But you’ve only started a short while ago! Well, maybe that’s why you’re busy.”

Well, it was nice to see that the two got along.
The conversation then moved to the next trial.

“Which labyrinth are you going to go to next, old man?”

“I’ve been choosing the closest ones, so the next would be the Libra Labyrinth.”

“Ah, we’ve already cleared that one. But it’s not the kind of trial that is easier just because you have a lot of people. Though, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble with it!”

“After all, it was still pretty easy for us. Maybe you can clear it in just one hour?”

I get anxious when people say something is difficult, but I also get anxious when they say it is easy. You could never win with this personality.
Besides, I had a feeling that it would be surprisingly difficult anyway…
That being said, I didn’t ask for spoilers. It was better to discover things for myself.

“Well, goodbye then! Thanks for everything, old man!”

“We might need your help again one day. So we’ll be counting on you!”

“Yeah! Let’s do our best.”

I separated from the two and headed to the Libra Labyrinth.
The sun was starting to set, bathing the ground in red light.
As I had already finished 2 trials, I would have normally returned to the first town and logged out. But things were different this time.

There was a sort of non-spoiler but kind of a spoiler piece of information that Hatake had told me as a show of gratitude. ‘The next trial takes place in a town, so you’ll save time if you logout inside of that town.’
And that town’s name was ‘Manimani Hills.’
Something about it smelled of money…

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