Jack of all Trades – 63

Deep in the Mines

The twisting tunnels had many branching paths. We carved markings into the walls every time we detected kobolds nearby, and went further, further in.


“By the way, Daniela. Do you think we’ll be able to return within the day?”

“Hm…I do not see why not, as long as we do not get lost.”


Doesn’t she know that even wondering about getting lost was a flag?


“That worries me…”

“Well, we could always just camp out if we end up late. You do have the barrier tools and more food in the hollow bag, do you not?”

“I do, but still…”


This place was dark and tight. It was oppressive and made you feel trapped… I would much rather sleep in the forest. However, Daniela seemed quite enthusiastic, so I didn’t want to ruin the mood. I just had to bear it. Let’s keep going and hunt some kobolds then.


We continued to use Presence Detection to find groups of kobolds and crush them. The number of encounters increased the further we went in. By now we had three bags full of left hands. Still, as it was now confirmed that we would have to camp out here, we continued to hunt without regard of the time.

It wasn’t until we filled up a seventh bag that we finally decided to rest. Perhaps it was because I had been stuffing it with different things recently, but the hollow bag was starting to look full. Had I really put so much inside…


“I have set up the magic barriers.”
“Ah, thanks.”


I had asked her to put two near both sides of the tunnel and on the cross section that was further on. Just in case. So that even if one was broken, we would still notice. It was barrier, barrier, us, barrier, barrier. Usually, you would need four for each corner, but this setup worked because it was a tunnel. It looked like I would be able to sleep easy tonight.

I created some magical water over a nearby rock and washed it. Then I wiped it with a cloth and covered it to make a nice table. I liked to be fancy when out camping. Though we would just be eating some stall food.


“Let’s eat then.”


Sitting side by side and eating like this brought back memories of our first encounter. We had just happened to bump into each other, but there was something that drew us together before we knew it. And now we were deep in the mines together. Life had a way of being unpredictable.


“Asagi, your one looks better…”

“Haha. This one’s a recent favorite of mine.”


It was sauteed chicken in a ginger sauce. The hollow bag had dimensional magic cast on it, which stopped the passing of time for anything inside of it. So the food was still hot and juicy, even in this dusty old place. Regardless of the scenery, the taste was amazing. It was cooked just right and the smell of the ginger was refreshing. The food stalls in this world were of a very high caliber. It was its own culture even. Of course, there were great restaurants and diners as well, but the stalls held their own even in comparison.


“Want some then?”

“Mmm, give me a bite.”


Daniela said as she opened her mouth. I stabbed a piece of meat with my fork before dunking it into plenty of sauce and offering to her. She chews it slowly. A smile begins to spread on her face. Damn, she was cute.


“It is good.”


“Give me more.”

“I suppose I have no choice.”


We continued to flirt as we went through our dinner. I could really use some soup with this, but we would probably die of carbon monoxide poisoning if we started making bonfires. I regretted not buying soup at the stalls as I cleaned up my plate. Now we just needed to sleep.


“Alright…I guess I’m on the night watch this time. You go and get some sleep.”

“Very well. We will trade places if you become tired.”


Daniela nodded and rolled over onto a cloth that had been spread out on the ground. I caressed her head as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. She seemed happy as she dreamed.

And so I began my watch.


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  1. ‘Are you that desperate to have sex in this mine?’

    ‘We would do it slowly and at an angle. However, that should be a last resort. As it might affect other humans who might be exploring.’

  2. is it possible to add in a day/ night option. because of the bright back ground i cant read this more than 30 min even if i turn my screen to min.

  3. Go to WordPress Night Mode settings from WordPress admin area > Appearance > Customize > Night Mode. Configure the color options and the toggle button style as you like and click Publish to save your updates.

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