Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 9

When Soft Whispers in Your Ear Don’t Result in a Romance Flag

Maki and Chiharu looked towards the voice and saw the newcomers just as their wings folded neatly. Bird people! Maki looked at Chiharu excitedly. So there were others aside from dog people after all!


They were a pair; a man and a woman. Their folded wings were white like a dove. As for their bodies, they were much like Zynis with wings. Human, but slightly taller than most. Also, both of them had hair that was as white as their wings. Their eyes were yellow.


“Why did you come here?”


Zynis said in a severe voice.


“This is the office of the king. There are separate landing areas for birdfolk. Did you leave your manners at home?”

“You are one to speak of manners, Zynis. As if this human king who attempts to hide the Saintess deserves any respect.”


Hide. Arthur sighed.


“It is no secret. The Saintesses have only arrived two nights ago. It is because of fools like you who cannot control themselves, that you were not immediately informed. And that was my decision, not the human king’s.”


Zynis said.


Maki had been very excited at the sight of these guests, but she quickly realized that the atmosphere in the room was quite different than what she felt.


“How did you even find out?”

“The miasma has thinned.”


“It is a level that most people would not have noticed. Yet we birdfolk have a stronger affinity with the air than other beasts. And the only reason we could think of for this change was the Saintess.”


And then their eyes turned to Maki and Chiharu.


“And then we came here, and just as we thought, the level of miasma is much lower in the human territories. You said it was the day before yesterday, Zynis. But it is not possible to purify the land so quickly. The king must have been hiding the Saintess.”

“And I am saying that you are wrong. Does your ruler know about this?”

“Of course. Everything was left to us.”


So saying, the two bird people entered into the king’s room.


“Two? Which one is it?”


The female one said as she beat her wings.


“Kyah!” “Kyah!”


Maki and Chiharu both closed their eyes in surprise. But they were simultaneously pleased by how cute they sounded.


Not that that was important now.


“What are you doing! You surprised Maki and Chihaaru!”


Aeris immediately came forward to protect them. He always tried to protect them. And Chiharu didn’t hate this at all. For some reason.


“Sister, which one is?”

“Brother, they both have the mark.”


Maki and Chiharu both felt their foreheads. The wings had beat at them in order to move their bangs. The really could have just asked them. These guys were dangerous. Maki thought with suspicion.


The sister spread her wings yet again. And just as everyone’s eyes were drawn towards her…




Chiharu had been captured by the brother. He had suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her. Just as she lost her balance and was about to fall, she was scooped up. Now, Chiharu was being carried under his arm, and could not move. At first, Chiharu looked on dazedly like a cat, as she was hoisted by this 2-meter tall birdman. But she quickly began to resist. Though there was not much she could do while being suspended in the air. She tried hitting the arm that was around her, but he didn’t budge.


“Do not struggle, Saintess. We will fly in the sky. Do you wish to fall?”


He whispered into her ear, and a chill ran down her spine. But I’m not good with heights!


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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