Two Saints – 52

The Heart of a Monster


It seemed like it would be an act of suicide to try and return while it was this quiet, and so the two of them decided to stay with Grudo and try to remain hidden. However, all of a sudden, one of the gazers turned to look at Maki and Chiharu.


Chiharu wanted to believe it was just her imagination, but it looked as if the gazer’s eye had lit up with happiness. After all, hadn’t Kaider said that you must never look a gazer in the eye? Maki and Chiharu held onto Grudo and tried to look away.


However, more and more gazers started to look. After a while, the soldiers noticed this change, and their heads turned to search for whatever it was that had got the gazers’ attention.


“What? What is happening?”

“I don’t know.”


Kaider and Nyran said to each other. They could not take their eyes off of the monsters, and so they did not know that Maki and Chiharu were there.


“Maki. Chiharu. Why are they here!”


Aeris’s voice suddenly boomed.


“What? Maki? Chiharu?”

“Shouldn’t they be at the health resort!”


“No, Kaider. Don’t look behind you. The frontline will crumble!”



However, it was already happening. The monsters seemed to all be looking towards Maki and Chiharu, and the soldiers were all starting to look as well.


“This is bad!”


Just as Nyran muttered this, the monsters started to move towards Maki and Chiharu all at once. They pushed away any soldiers that were in their path.


Maki and Chiharu watched this unfold as if they were watching a movie. There was a cluster of eyes above their heads. And in front, there were large, four-legged monsters. They came near Maki and Chiharu but were then still and quiet. Eventually, there were so many that they could see nothing else.




Grudo muttered. The monsters did not attack. They just stood quietly near Maki and Chiharu.


“I bet you would be shaking your tail if you had one.”


Maki said to one four-legged monster that was close to her. To her, it looked like it was shaking an invisible tail.


“Maki, that’s not some cute and fluffy animal. It’s like that because of the miasma.”

“I know, but…”


The thing that was black and seemed to fade into the air was very thick miasma.

Their foreheads were throbbing so hard that it hurt.


“But, it seems like it wants to be petted.”

“Maki, what are you saying! It will suck the life out of you and weaken you!”

“Grudo. I know that, but…”


Still, there was something about the monsters that moved Maki and Chiharu. Their hands stretched out.


A gazer descended in front of Chiharu. And she raised her head. It brought its head under her hand as if it was a cat who wanted affection. Without thinking, Chiharu spread out both arms and moved towards it.






A magic stone fell to the ground.


“What the…the gazer disappeared…”


Chiharu’s arms were still stretched out as she stood there stunned.


Then the next gazer came in. They also came to Maki as if waiting in line. Their invisible tails wagging.


“Don’t do it.”


Chiharu said in a shaking voice.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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