Tensei Kenja – 72

The Firewood was of Good Quality


— ‘Slime Moisture Absorption!’

I chanted to the nearby slime.

And then…


‘Ah! The snow!’


‘It’s gone!’


The snow that was under the slime suddenly melted and disappeared.

Not only that, but the wet ground quickly dried and cracked.


…This magic had a very powerful drying ability.

Perhaps it was because it was hundreds of slimes together, but the area dried up incredibly fast.

This was very promising.


‘Alright, now move closer to the firewood.’




And so the slime moved to the pile of firewood.

And then…the freshly cut wood became dry in an instant.

It was incredible.


“…How dry to these have to be?”


I never used firewood back at home.

The person at the restaurant had said they needed to be dried for a whole year, but I didn’t know how dry I needed them to be in order to match that.


Well, I could try drying them for 5 minutes for now.

And if they say it’s not dry enough, I could just dry them again right on the spot.


‘Alright, pick them up now. …It’s quite a lot. Can you carry it?’


‘We’re fine!’


The slime said as it stored the firewood into its body.

While it was just one tree, it was a very big tree. That meant a lot of firewood. Possibly several tons.


And yet a slime that only weighed a few kilos was storing it in its body. And its size and weight remained the same. I really didn’t understand how it worked.

As I puzzled over this, the slime finished storing everything.


‘Thank you! …Let’s hurry!’


And so I put the slime on my shoulder and rushed back towards the Tiger Fire.

If I brought it to them now, they may be able to stay open.

When I did arrive at the Tiger Fire—they were just closing shop.


“I brought some firewood.”


I said this just as an employee walked out with a sign that read, ‘We are closed for the day.’ 


“You brought some firewood? How is that possible? …Did you just bring wood for the stove? We can’t use that for cooking. The firewood in this town is of horrible quality and unusable.”


“No, I just cut down a tree and turned it into firewood.”


“…You do realize that it’s useless until it’s dried properly?”


“I used magic to dry them. …Well, it will be quicker if I just showed you.”


So saying, I put my hand out in front of the slime.

The slime guessed what this meant, and spat out a single log.


“Where did that come from!?”


It was getting annoying having to explain this every time.

I should just write, ‘this slime uses storage magic’ on a piece of paper and paste it on the slime.


“The slime. Tamers have some useful skills, you know. This slime is currently carrying a few tons worth of this.”


“…Slimes have such power? But I’ve never heard of such a thing…”


“Not many people know about Tamer skills. …So, can you use this firewood?”


I said as I offered it.

The employee looked at it suspiciously…but then shouted in alarm as soon as I let go of it.


“It’s so light! It’s perfectly dry!”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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