Tensei Kenja – 72


Apparently, people who were used to handling it knew how dry it was by weight alone.

…I had just dried it to a random degree, but it seemed that it had turned out well.


“So, can you use it?”


“Well, I will have to try burning it first. If it’s dried too much, then it becomes difficult to adjust the heat.”

I see. So it couldn’t be too dry either.

If only there was a skill that allowed me to adjust it.


…And so I searched through the slime skills and found something called ‘Slime Humidifier.’

Judging by the name, it was the opposite of ‘Slime Moisture Absorption.’

I could use this if the firewood was too dry.


“Alright. You can have this. So try burning it.”


I said as I took out about 10 of them and handed them over.

This should be enough to determine if they burned well.


“Thank you. …Chef! We have some firewood!”


The employee grabbed the firewood and opened the door before shouting towards the kitchen.

And then a loud voice echoed back.


“If it’s some logs that have been freshly cut, then they are useless! We should give up for today!”


“But these are dry! A customer brought them to us!”


“WHAT!? …Let me see!”


And with that, loud stomping came from the back and a man appeared.

Apparently, he was the head chef.


“Where is it?”




The employee handed the firewood to the chef.

He accepted it and inspected it with a serious expression.


“…It’s awfully dry for being so new. Strange…”


“But can you use it?”


“It’s too dry. There is almost no moisture in it at all. The fire will burn too hot and we are not equipped to control it.”


The chef said without ever taking his eyes off of the firewood.

Still, that was a lot of information he gathered just by holding it.

It was amazing what seasoned cooks could do.


I thought about this as I took out more firewood and then used the slime to humidify them.

And then the firewood became just a little heavier.


“How about now?”


I said as I handed some over.

“The chef accepted it and let out a cry of shock.


“…It’s perfect. Can I try burning it?”


“Of course.”


After hearing my answer, the chef quickly tossed the log over a dwindling fire.

We waited for it to burn…and when the flames went up, he shouted happily.


“A perfect fire! I have never seen firewood of such quality before! …With this firewood, I will be able to make the best food!”

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  1. I got to sat it again (write it down by typing actually), Deux ex Slime. At least food is coming up, even if residents using those freshly cut logs will get carbon monoxide poisoning. Oh well, maybe later XD
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

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