Tensei Kenja – 73

It Was Very Delicious


…For firewood randomly chopped and then dried by the slimes, that was oddly high praise.

I guess it was because while it was new, it was properly dry.


“So can you reopen if you have this?”


“Aye! …How much of this firewood do you have?”


“This is how much I made a moment ago.”


I said as I put the slime down outside of the building and then gave the order.


‘Take out all of the firewood and dry it as you did just now.’




After hearing this order, the slime unleashed the firewood while using Slime Humidification to adjust how dry it was.

As they had already used this skill once, I didn’t need to give them detailed orders.


“…That is an incredible amount! I could run this place for half a year with this. …However, what kind of slime is that?”


“The slime’s storage ability is amazing… But the town doesn’t have enough firewood for the stoves either. We might get in trouble if we if use so much for cooking…”


The employee and chef raised their voices in surprise.

…It was true. The situation was pretty bad for fuel. It would not look good to use so much for cooking.

In that case…


“I could make firewood for stoves then. Should I bring it to the guild? And then you can use this firewood without having to worry.”


“You’re right… But can you still get more high-quality firewood?”


“Like I just said, I only just made this firewood. If I use the same method, I can make as much as I want.”


Though, I might have to go a little far out if I ran out of trees… Still, it would be the slimes that carried everything, so it wouldn’t be too much work.

It was times like these that Slime Storage was incredibly useful.

Making and carrying firewood would be 10 times harder without the slimes.


“Surely you can’t…”


“It’s hard to believe. But I just saw the slime spit out so much firewood…”


“Well, maybe I exaggerated a little. …But I can at least bring you this amount again.”


I became very hungry as we talked.

After all, the meat skewers I ate in Mariardo were just a snack.

Chopping the logs was a good exercise as well. So I wanted to eat a real meal.


“In any case, you don’t have to worry about firewood anymore. Can you open now?”


“If you’ll sell it to us. We can open right now.”


“Alright. I will. You can pay me anything you want. I don’t know the market price anyway.”


The chef heard this and looked a little troubled.

Well, it wasn’t easy to suddenly name a price for so much firewood.


“…I have never seen firewood of this quality before. I don’t know what it would cost… Can it be the same as the price of the most expensive firewood in this town? If so, then it would be 150,000 cicols.”


“Of course.”


Apparently, he was going to treat the slime firewood as the most luxurious firewood.

150,000 cicols was the same as my fee for the test at the Adventurer’s Guild.

It was an incredible amount for just chopping down a tree and drying it.


“Thank you. It’ll take about 10 minutes to adjust the fire. Pick something from the menu while you wait.”


The chef said as he handed me the money. Then he went back into the shop and added more wood to the fire.

And so it seemed I would get to eat at the Fire Tiger today after all.


…However, it did seem like I had done a lot just for a meal. But then again, it was fine, since I also made 150,000 cicols.

It had been true after all that this town was suited for Adventurers.

But I hadn’t expected to go on a quest for firewood.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Reading through it again (technically first time on the novel, read this part in the manga already)… reminds me just how similar this novel feels to Death March To A Parallel World Rhapsody… and yet so different. Many of the same kinds of events and abilities, but the person’s pre-isekai capabilities & personality are drastically different, which puts a whole different spin on things.

    Thanks for the chapters.

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