Tensei Kenja – 111

I Sold Them At A High Price


He looked at it with wide eyes.


“This-this is a gemstone from a Blue Lesser Fire Dragon! How did you get it!?”


“I just killed it. I was able to do it by soaking it in water or using magic to cool it off.”


“…Surely you didn’t do it alone?”


“I did it with my monsters.”


I said while pointing at the Proud Wolf and slimes.

And then…he muttered.


“Are you serious… I had known you were strong, but not that strong.”


“Well, the Blue Lesser Fire Dragon just happened to be a good fit for us. …So, can you use this to make the armor?”


“Of course! I’ll do it! …Should I make it so that it fits the Proud Wolf?”


“Yes. …Oh, since I have two, can you also make one for the slimes?”


I said as I offered the other one.

He looked at it and jumped in the air.


“Two…gemstones from a Blue Lesser Fire Dragon!?”


“Yeah. There just happened to be a second one there.”


“So you got this on the same day?”


“…We were lucky. Oh, could you keep my hunting of them a secret?”


If word spread about me hunting the Blue Lesser Fire Dragons, the Blue Moon of Salvation might put me back on their assassination list. While I was unlikely to be taken by surprise, as I had the slimes…it was still better if I wasn’t targeted.


“I don’t mind… But, do you perhaps have a third one?”


“No, I don’t have a third one. But I have plenty of normal gemstones from Lesser Fire Dragons.”


“I’ll buy all of them.”


He said immediately.

Apparently, Master Gaiger really wanted the Lesser Fire Dragon gemstones.


“How much does one cost?”


I decided to ask first.

The guild was paying 50,000 cicols for one, so I would take anything that was above that.


“Well…I can’t say unless I see how good the quality is.”


“Right. …Take a look then.”


I said as I handed him the bag.

There were 287 gemstones in all.


“…This bag is oddly heavy. Is there something else inside as well?”


“I killed a lot, so there are a lot of them inside. You’ll understand when you look inside.”


And so Master Gaiger opened the bag—and let out a cry of shock.


“They really are all gemstones! And…the quality is insane!”


“Insane… Do you mean insanely bad?”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Yes yes, get some armor for the adorable magical puddings, they require additional protection, just in case. And poor craftsman dude, his common sense is terribly broken already, Yuji should stop kicking it unintentionally.

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