Tensei Kenja – 127

The Armor was Ready


…I didn’t need to hear anymore.

Clearly, he had made something good.

Of course, it was better to hear it anyway.


“Did you finish making the armor that I asked you to?”


“Of course! …It’s my best work yet!”


Gaiger said as he showed me the new armor.

As slimes could wear anything, it was made to fit the Proud Wolf.


“It looks like the other one.”


“Aye! However, I bet the abilities are quite different!”


Gaiger looked incredibly confident.

It was as if he wanted me to put it to the test immediately.


“Can I test it then?”


“Of course!”


So saying, Gaiger put it on the slime.

Once it was on…the slime shouted happily as it jumped around.


‘Ohhh! Amazing! I feel so light!’


Slimes normally didn’t jump into the air like that.

However, this slime…was jumping so high that it went past the roof of Gaiger’s shop.

This was…amazing.


‘Try jumping horizontally.’




And so the slime jumped forward on the ground.

It was the kind of movement you would never expect from a slime.


‘It-it’s faster than me…’


The Proud Wolf said as he watched in shock.

It was true. The slime was now faster than the Proud Wolf…

I had suspected that something amazing would be made, but not this amazing…


“This armor is incredible…”


“Isn’t it!? …Most people would live their entire lives without knowing what it’s like to work with a Fire Dragon gemstone! And so I really put my back into it!”


“Well, except that it was actually a ‘slightly large’ lesser fire dragon, not a Fire Dragon.”


Gaiger had an expression that suggested he wanted to say, ‘oh, damn it!’

He quickly made sure that no one was listening before turning back to me.


“Oops. Yes, that’s right. …But it really is something… How did you even do it?”


“The same way I killed the lesser fire dragons. I cooled it off with water.”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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