Tensei Kenja – 126

I Set Up a Surveillance Network


On the same night that I left the Fire Dragon gemstone with Gaiger, and had him promise to make me some monster armor.

I was back in my room and thinking about the rain.


The rain that had come suddenly and antagonized the Fire Dragon.

Was it really something caused by a magic rainmaking device from the guild?


‘Did you guys think the rain was strange?’


I hadn’t been there when it started.

However, the Proud Wolf and slimes had witnessed it with their own eyes.


And they were wild animals…well, wild monsters. So they should have sharper instincts.

And so I asked them…


‘Yes! It was strange!’


‘I didn’t think that it was going to rain like that!’


‘Yes, it was very unnatural!’


So, even the monsters agreed.

In that case…the guild did seem the most likely.

Gaiger had said that the magic devices that were used belonged to the guild.


…I suppose I should do some scouting.


‘All right. I want to spy on the guild a little. Can you sneak your way in?’




‘In the guild?’


The slimes did not seem too enthusiastic.

They had no problems charging into the base of a secret organization but were reluctant when it came to the guild…

It was probably because it was too much trouble.


After all, unlike the forest, there were no leaves that they could snack on.

In that case, there was one thing I could offer…


‘…When you come back, you can eat a lot of meat. The first 10 to go.’




Upon hearing this, the slimes all rushed to be the first out of the window.

And with that, they headed for the guild at a great speed.

Well, slimes couldn’t really move fast…but it sure seemed like they were moving faster than usual.


Still…if I didn’t do something, they would probably start fighting over who arrived there first.

Slimes were generally nice to each other…but they would sometimes start fighting when food was involved.


‘Go slowly and keep yourselves hidden so no one sees you. And it’s not like one slime will stay in the same place. You’ll take turns watching.’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Glad he got suspicious and went to investigate the guild. Was it in Oblivion? A vampire hunting group/guild was lead by a disguised vampire, who they could never catch, for obvious reasons. Also, it’s all fun and games, until the good food is a prize, then it’s battle royale time.

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