Tensei Kenja – 126




‘All right, then I’ll be first!’


‘No! I will!’


…And just like that, they started arguing.

But…I knew how to handle such situations.


‘Whoever starts fighting won’t get any lunch.’


‘I’m not fighting!’

‘I’m not fighting!’

‘I’m not fighting!’

‘I’m not fighting!’


It was very effective.


…A few minutes later.

The slimes peacefully chose 10 slimes to sneak into the guild first.


Now I would be able to listen to most of the conversations inside.

And with that, I just had to feed the slimes and wait for the results.



A few days later.


“I think we should stop soon.”


I muttered while listening to the conversations in the guild.

I still hadn’t heard any talk about rainmaking magical devices.


They just processed quests in the incredibly serious way that they always did.

There was some talk about maintaining the safety of the region and protecting roads from monsters.

It really did not seem like the kind of organization that would antagonize a Fire Dragon so that it would attack the town.


So it seemed like spying on them was pointless.

Perhaps I had been wrong to suspect them.


‘This will be the last day for surveillance. Thank you.’




‘It’s ending!?’


The slimes let out cries of agony.

This had become their favorite task ever, due to the reward of delicious meat.


…I listened to their screams as I headed for Gaiger’s Monster Armor Shop.

This was the day that the monster armor that used the Fire Dragon gemstones would be complete.


“Hey! Yuji!”


When I arrived at the store, Gaiger called out to me.

His expression was full of satisfaction.

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  1. Oh, I wonder just how much did the adorable jellies infiltrated. I’m sure the guild has at least a couple people that are actually spies or members of the blue moon group. Anyway, next we will find out what the next ‘armor’ will be. Maybe a slime suit? A tie? Epic sunglasses?
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. let see
    Stopped a cult from overwhelming a frontier village with monsters
    prevented them from freezing a village to death
    prevented assassin from targeting him
    prevented them from pouring cursed water to red dragon
    Then when a rain making device discovered at top of the mountain
    Who is the first one he suspect? The GUILD
    I know the rumor say the guild did it and it is fine he investigated but he did not think of the possibility of the cult doing it.
    There is also there is also fact that the assassin list did not brought up after, I mean if you have list of soon to be victims , you should at least
    inform those in the list, he is perfectly capable of finding them if he tries.
    I blame the lack of sleep , it cause brain damage.

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