Tensei Kenja – 127


It was half true.

Though, it was ‘Curse of Eternal Tundra’ that dealt the final blow.


“…But I heard that the last time it came out, the rain and rivers were not enough to kill it… Well, you were able to kill all of those lesser fire dragons, so it’s not surprising you managed to do it…I guess…?


“Yeah. I barely managed it. …But never mind about that. Can I test it with magic?”


“Yes, test away! I am confident that it can withstand the most powerful magic!”


Strong words.

But…I had a bad feeling about it.


“Where should I do it? I want a wider space than last time.”


“Then you should go to the lot at the back of the store. It’s empty.”


“Would fire spread if I used it?”


Last time, I had tested the magic in the store…but it seemed like a bad idea this time.

And I tended to have a good instinct for these kinds of things.


“…Fire magic might be dangerous. But you could use water magic. Is that all right?”




Indeed, even if I failed to adjust the power properly, water magic would not do as much damage.

And so I led the slime to the empty lot in the back.

And then…when the slime was in the center of it, I began to chant.


‘Magic Transfer — Water Discharge.’


—The next instant.

An incredible amount of water shot out of the slime.


It was a lot more powerful than I had intended.

I would say, 3 times as powerful.

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  1. The moment when a fantasy firefighter slime gets a buff on pumping water, fear ye puny fire dragons, the extinguisher is here. Still, I wonder how it looks like.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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