Tensei Kenja – 128

It Was Highly Effective




‘Wow! There’s so much water!’


As the slimes and I looked on in shock…the water started to flow outside and towards the streets.

It wasn’t a small spot of land, but there was just too much water.


“Slime Water Absorption!”


I quickly shouted. It was magic that made the slimes absorb the water around them.

And then… The water that was about to flow out into the streets just disappeared within a few seconds.

…Was Slime Water Absorption always this powerful?


“…What… What was that water magic!? I have never seen magic like that before!”


“…Yeah. What is that?”


“You’re the one that used it!?”


I had never seen anything like it myself.

And the power of Slime Water Absorption was also strange.


“No… The water magic that I normally use is only about a third as powerful as this.”


“Even a third of this would be ridiculous! …With magic like this, you should be able to kill as many lesser fire dragons as you want!”


“Yeah. And I did kill as many as I wanted.”


“…That’s right.”


Upon hearing this…Gaiger seemed to remember that he had been the one to buy hundreds of lesser fire dragon gemstones.

He looked surprised for a moment…and then grabbed my hands and said in a serious tone:


“Yuji… Why don’t you stay in this town and hunt lesser fire dragons?”


Stay in this town and hunt…

I liked the idea of staying in one place. But I would prefer a town with better food.

…Also, that wasn’t what we had been talking about.


“In any case, we should talk about the armor. …I guess it has the ability to enhance the power of your magic?”


That was the only explanation.

I had wanted this armor made in order to increase their speed…but the result was something much more frightening.


“So, you didn’t plan to have such features.”


“Aye. …In the first place, you’re the only one who has monsters that use magic.”


“I guess that’s true…”


Tamers that weren’t sages could not use magic through their monsters.

And so there was no way you would make armor for Tamers that increased the force of their magic.

Even my slimes weren’t using the magic by themselves.


“Do you think the monster armor was holding up just now?”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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