Two Saints – 60

Return 4 – On a Private Train


Once they arrived in Noir, Maki and Chiharu learned that the soldiers would be going to the human territories by boat.


“We came by train because it was an emergency. But it’s cheaper to go by boat when you have over one hundred soldiers.”


And so Paulo and the other cooks would accompany the soldiers and take the three-day voyage.

This meant that Maki and Chiharu would have no work to do for a while.


“I didn’t know they had boats.”


Chiharu said as she looked at them longingly. They might not have been discovered had they escaped by boat in the first place. No, they would have been caught in Noir either way. So it was good that they had taken the train.


“In spite of the levitation stones, there is only so much you can carry by train. And so it gets expensive.”


Edwy explained.


“Going by boat would be nice if we had the time, but we have to hurry to the elf lands, so it cannot be helped. As for whether you two will go to the elf lands as well, we can decide that after we return to Midland.”



Maki replied. Maki had a thought. Chiharu was still staring at the boat as if she really wanted to ride it, but that’s not what Maki was thinking about. Train or boat. Which one would protect them from the merfolk? If this continued, Chiharu would start talking about taking the boat and going to some island. Chiharu underestimated the ease at which others found it to abduct her.


Indeed, the merfolk had saved Chiharu in the mirror lake at the perfect time. She was grateful for that and they intended to visit their country once things had settled down.


However, that was once things settled down. But only one of three lands had been settled. And so going by sea at a time like this would definitely result in her being abducted.


Maki was thinking about it seriously. It would be better to go through the merfolk island where they could stay for exactly one hour.


That was what Maki thought, but the truth was that Chiharu had just happened to be closer. She had just happened to fall into the lake. The merfolk loved the two Saintesses equally. In other words, Maki was in as much danger as Chiharu.


“Hey, Maki-chan. About the boat…”


Chiharu started talking dreamily.


“Yeah, I know. You used to want to go to a far off island by boat back when you were a student, right?”

“How did you know? But yes, and speaking of kelp…”


She started to talk. Well, it was better that she talked about kelp than boats. Regardless, they would not be taking the boat. She nodded and listened to Chiharu, who was now talking about going to a sugar cane island. Maki still thought kelp and sugar cane would be too heavy for Chiharu to carry.


“We’ll be leaving soon.”




They would be riding a private train. Grudo, Aeris, Edwy, and those related to the Saintesses were the only ones allowed on board.


“Huh, where’s Chiharu?”


Edwy said as he looked around. She had been there a moment ago, talking about sugar cane.


“Chiharu went to the store.”


Sauro said. He had come to see them off. Sauro and Saikania were able to fly at the same speed as the train. And so they would head towards the merfolk island once the train left.


“You might as well ride with us.”


Edwy said.


“I’ve told you many times already. It’s not that I hate trains. I just don’t want to go underground.”


Apparently, the birdfolk were very particular, and they did not like being underground. It made them uncomfortable.


“But more importantly, shouldn’t you help Chiharu? She’s being surrounded again.”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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