Two Saints – 60


“What! Say that first!”


Chiharu had just been out to buy some fruit juice, when she was surrounded by shouts of ‘It’s the Saintess!’


“Phew. That was crazy.”

“We already had juice prepared for you. We know very well what you and Maki like.”

“But, Edwy. Buying stuff at the station is part of the fun of traveling.”

“Fine, but you should at least tell someone before going off.”

“Yes, all right.”


Chiharu looked a little smaller after being scolded by Edwy.


“Heh, Chiharu got in trouble.”


Maki said jokingly.


“Well, I got two bottles of juice, but I guess you won’t be needing any, Maki. Oh, well. It was freshly squeezed porapora fruit which only grows in the dwarf lands.”

“Oh. They sell that in bottles now? Very interesting.”

“Uh, Grudo. Is that a good thing?”

“It is, Maki. The porapora fruit is very nutritious but quite sour. Because of that, people didn’t eat it for a long time. But now sweeteners have become cheap, and it is sold like this as a delicious drink.”

“Bu-but Edwy did say that juice was prepared for us…”

“Sorry, Maki. We didn’t prepare porapora juice.”


Edwy said apologetically. Chiharu held up a bottle and waved it in front of Maki.


“Sorry for teasing you, Chiharu. Please give me that.”


Maki apologized. There were some things that were more important to a woman than her pride. If you could get new juice with just a few words, then it was a bargain. Chiharu looked proud.


“Hehe. Oh, I suppose you can have it then.”


However, Nyran and Aeris looked at them with exasperation and said,


“All this over juice…”

“Don’t wander off again.”


They were both scolded.


They went inside the private train and saw that the interior was much the same as the last time they were on a train.


“I expected something a little more extravagant.”


Chiharu said.


“Of course, such trains do exist, but we thought you two wouldn’t like it. After all, this is still work.”


Said Edwy.


“I see. Yes, this is more relaxing.”

“It really is.”


After that, they told Edwy amusing stories about their last train ride.


“And then…by the time we arrived at the second clearing, I felt an eye on me.”

“An eye. I see. That is interesting, Maki and Chiharu. I myself have never felt someone’s stare.”

“Neither have I.”

“I have been an Adventurer for many years, and it has yet to happen to me. It would make hunting so much easier…”

“Hmmm. Hunting, huh? Well, I guess it’s the system in this world. Hey, Maki-chan. Why are you looking down?”

“Chiharu? What is it? Why are you looking at Grudo all of a sudden? Is Maki sick?”

“No, it’s not that…”


Just then, Kaider and Nyran put their hands on their belts.


“I’m full of regret!”

“We should have known after watching every night! We’re so stupid!”


Outside of the train’s window, a gazer was looking in at them.

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