Two Saints – 61

Return 5


“Kaider, Nyran. Calm down. Edwy, would you please stop the train?”

“Stop the train! Do you mean to appease the monster!? No! We will increase our speed and escape them.”


Maki raised her head and pleaded with him. But Edwy tried to do the opposite. Outside, there were one, two, no…five gazers.


“We don’t know what effect it has on your body every time you calm them. Edwy is right.”

“Aeris, you may say that. But you’ll continue to separate us from the monsters, won’t you? Besides, we won’t know how far we can go unless we experiment.”

“Still, you are not even prepared to face them now. This dungeon might be very different from the last one!”


Aeris said hoarsely. Chiharu spoke quietly.


“Stop the train.”


“Stop it.”


Kaider and Nyran sighed.


“Edwy, do as they say. We’ll protect them.”

“…Very well.”


By the time that Maki and Chiharu got out of the train, there were over 10 gazers waiting for them. Not only that, but four-legged monsters were also walking out of the darkness. Chiharu and Maki tried to walk forward, but Kaider and Nyran stopped them. They felt the excitement of the monsters as well as nervousness. They were all worried.


“What happened? You’re all so far from the dungeon.”


Chiharu said to the gazers.


Dungeon. Don’t know. We were born here. We saw many bright things and things that ran.


“So you were born here.”


Yes. I want to return.


“Were you all born here too?”


Maki asked the four-legged monsters.


Yes. In this wide space. We ran when the bright things were gone. But we have had enough.


“I see.”


Maki and Chiharu looked at each other.


“Then come here.”


And then, one by one, the monsters silently turned into magic stones.


“Are there any more?”

“No, I don’t sense any.”


Chiharu said as Maki looked around. Now, it was finished.


“We’re done here. Let’s go.”


They both said. Kaider, Nyran, and Edwy looked at them with pained expressions.


“Are you all right?”

“Hmm? We’re fine.”

“But this isn’t something you get used to.”

“Yes. But the fact that we can do this…”


Maki said with a laugh.


“…Surely, it means that we should do it.”

“Should do…”

“At least, as much as we are able.”


Chiharu said as she patted Nyran on the back.


“Now, let’s go. The next train will catch up with us.”

“That’s true. We should hurry.”


They stayed silent for quite a while after returning to the train.


“Maki, Chiharu. How do you feel?”


Aeris finally said.


“Yes, I feel fine.”

“If anything, I feel quite refreshed.”


Maki said as she shrugged her shoulders.




Kaider began as he stared at the ceiling.


“I knew that you two were doing that every night.”


Maki and Chiharu looked surprised. But Edwy and Aeris did not.


“Since when? Kaider?”

“After the incident at the mirror lake.”


Chiharu muttered in shock.


“So, from the beginning…”

“Why didn’t you tell us, Chiharu…”


Aeris asked sadly.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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