Tensei Kenja – 135

I Decided to Escape For Now


However…it seemed like there was little doubt left that these guys were from the ‘Blue Moon of Salvation.’

But how had they gotten into the guild?


‘Yuji! Should we kill them?’


‘Let’s kill them all!’


I didn’t know how much the slimes understood of the conversation…but they clearly felt that they gave off a suspicious air.

But, it was too early to attack them.


‘I want more information. Continue to monitor them without getting caught. Don’t worry, you’ll get some meat afterward.’




After I said this, the slimes quietly backed down.

And then I heard the voices again.


“No, assassination is too dangerous. Have you forgotten? They already feel that we are killing too much.”


“That’s true, but… Shouldn’t we kill these strong ones while we have the chance?”


“People are already looking at Ordarion with suspicion. If they found out that the Blue Moon of Salvation was trying to take over the town, then all of our work up until now will mean nothing!”


…I see.

Those words allowed me to understand the situation.


They had infiltrated this town over a long period of time and were trying to slowly take over the guild and the rest of the town.

This would explain why people were watching me, and why they didn’t want to cooperate with the investigation of the Rainmaking Devices.


So that meant it was the Ordarion guild that had caused it to rain and angered the Fire Dragon.

The device had probably been prepared for use, in the event that the plan involving barrels didn’t work.


Using a Rainmaking Device was less inconspicuous, and so they had preferred to use cursed water…I suppose.

The slimes were merely surrounding the volcanic mountain, so they wouldn’t have noticed if someone used a Rainmaking Device outside of it.


“Indeed. We cannot kill without permission under these circumstances…”


“Currently, only about three-tenths of the town are under our control… While our people are stationed in important positions, it will still be hard to kill him without anyone finding out.”


“…Besides, Adventurer Yuji has drawn attention from guild headquarters as well. If he were to vanish in Ordarion, they will find it suspicious.”


“Yes. …Well, then. We should make a report to Lord Gazer.”


“I agree. Though, it would have been nice if we could kill him by ourselves…”


…So, it looked liked I wouldn’t be assassinated after all.

However…it seemed like staying in this town would be a bad idea.

If nearly 30% of the residents were part of the Blue Moon of Salvation, I could be surrounded and killed before I knew what hit me.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Gah, only 30%? Now nuking is not cool (from an ethical and moral point of view). Oh man, and here I was expecting something like: “A weird and dangerous town disappeared in the middle of the night, culprit unknown, only several slimes were observed bouncing away from the affected area. They looked adorable.”

    • Actually, from a militaristic view point you are actually dealing with an unknown amount of hostiles in a city. Add into the fact that the hostiles are terrorists and are excellent at disguise bombing the town would actually gain the green light.

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