Tensei Kenja – 82

The Slimes Found Their Prey


‘Let’s go! …Proud Wolf. Can you take us?’


‘Yes, slimes! Of course, I can!’


Without me saying anything, the slime jumped off of my shoulder and tried to leave the restaurant.

It was going to ride the Proud Wolf and go hunt these evil and savage Greedy Boars.


‘Yuji. We’ll have to pass through areas with people, so hide us with magic!’


The slimes were very aggressive today.



‘Now, wait a minute. I can’t have you all go. Half of you must stay in case something happens.’


I didn’t like to be a wet blanket. But it was not convenient for me to have no slimes around.

I wouldn’t be able to use Slime Storage and my options for fighting would be limited.




And with that, the slime split into two.

Slimes tended to grow larger when there were more of them united…and I had asked for half of them to stay. But I was sure that the half that was staying was smaller.


‘Is this really half?’


‘It’s practically half!’


I see.

In the world of slimes, ¼ was ‘practically half.’



Well, I could still manage with this number.

And so I used concealment magic to hide the slimes.


‘Proud Wolf! Go!’


‘Protect the Lishia Leaves!’


As I leisurely ate my stew, I could hear the gallant shouts of the slimes as they left.

Well, in spite of what they were saying, it was hard for a slime to sound gallant with those voices they had.


And like that, without even having to leave the restaurant, the town’s fields of Lishia leaves were now protected by a defense network of slimes that burned with righteous rage.

They surrounded the fields at equal distances apart and made sure that there were no blind spots.


About 500 slimes had left me, and 100 of them protected the fields while the others left to assassinate all of the Greedy Boars.


‘Let’s go!’


‘Kill them all!’


The slimes shouted excitedly as they dismounted from the Proud Wolf and scattered.

This wasn’t human-wave tactics. It was slime-wave tactics.


‘Oomph. Oomph!’


‘I’ll go over there!’


‘Then I’ll go that way!’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Lol, lolz, lmao, rofl. These slimes, terribly funny, but thinking of them shouting like that with cute voices is even funnier.

  2. “I see.

    In the world of slimes, ¼ was ‘practically half.’


    Ohh, the math checks out. Makes perfect sense *nod*

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