Tensei Kenja – 142

Buying Meat


‘So little!’


‘That’s not enough!’


As expected, the slimes made their opinions known.

Yes. It really wasn’t enough.


…It would cost a lot less to have them eat leaves, but these guys have started to develop a taste for fine dining…

They started to request meat more often, and it seemed like they wanted more every time.

I was a little worried that they would eat too much and grow fat.


“Are you from a large household, mister?”


As I scanned the shelves, the butcher called to me.

It seemed like he had heard my comment.


“Ah. Yeah. I have some really hungry monsters.”


“Oh, so you’re a Tamer. …Then what about about an Eagle Wolf?”


“An Eagle Wolf?”


“A wolf monster. As they are very large, there is a lot to eat. …Though, the flesh is hard and the smell is quite strong…making it difficult to use… But I hear monsters prefer it that way.”


I see.

Perhaps they were perfect for monster food.


“And do you have a lot of Eagle Wolf meat in stock?”


“Yes. If you buy a lot, I’ll give you a discount!”


The butcher said as he pulled out a large slab of meat from behind the counter.


…There was no fat at all on it..

It really did not look that good.


“…I don’t know if my monsters will take to it yet. Can I just have a little first?”


“Of course! How about 1000 cicols for a kilogram?”


“I’ll take it.”


“Thank you!”


And so he cut off a kilogram and handed it to me.

It was quite a lot for ‘just a little.’ But it was cheap.


‘It’s meat!’


‘Yay! Meat!’


The slimes cheered and tried to take the meat from me.

It did not look good to me…but I guess the slimes thought differently.


‘…It might not taste too great, all right?’


‘That’s fine!’


‘Give it here!’


‘…Fine. Let me know how it tastes like.’


I said as I gave the meat to the slime on my shoulder.

And then, the slime swallowed it without a moment’s hesitation…then it raised its voice with joy.


‘It’s so good!’


‘This meat is delicious!’


Apparently, they liked it after all.

If I bought a lot of this, I wouldn’t have to worry about food for the slimes for a while.


“How many kilos of this do you have?”


“Uh… About 2,000 kilos.”


“That’s quite a lot.”


2,000 kilos… It seemed like more than what you could possibly sell in this town. He only had a few kilos of the other meats. So why was there so much of this stuff?


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Oi oi, two tons of wolf meat? Just how big is that wolf, and how many were caught/hunted? This, this got interesting.
    Also, happy slimes are cuter. 🙂

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