Tensei Kenja – 130

I Decided to Investigate


The next day.

I went to the guild in order to ask about Ordarion.


“I’m sorry, but do you mind if I ask you something?”


I said to the receptionist as I walked up to the counter.


These kinds of questions would look more suspicious if I tried to disguise them.

So I would pretend I didn’t know about the Rainmaking Device and just ask her upfront.


“Yes. What is it?”


“Is this Ordarion place safe? It’s one of the places I’m considering for my next destination.”


“What…Mister Yuji! You are leaving Boguinea!?”


She looked very surprised at this.

I was surprised she had remembered my name.


“Yeah. …There aren’t any lesser fire dragons left to kill.”


That was half of the reason.


Recently, there hadn’t been any sightings of lesser fire dragons in the area. It was an effect of the Fire Dragon’s appearance.

Not only that, but ordinary monsters had become scarce.


This was a good thing for the residents here, as it meant less damage…but for us Adventurers, that meant we would lose employment.

Peace was nice and all…but not doing anything for so long made you feel slothful…

As I was a corporate slave in my past life, I felt uncomfortable without anything to do.


“Indeed, Boguinea does not have much work for Adventurers now… But why Ordarion of all places?”


“Well, I had heard a rumor a while ago about it being a nice place to live. They said that it was safe.”


This was actually true.

I had heard this rumor about Ordarion while I was eating in town.

But I didn’t know if that meant it was a good place to live.


“Uhh…Well, I do believe it’s safe. Of course, it is a fairly odd place, so I don’t know if it will suit you…”


“An odd place?”


I hadn’t heard anything about that.

But from the way she talked about it, it seemed to be well known in this world.

What kind of place was it?


“It’s hard to explain… They are incredibly secretive and hate it when other towns of countries try to interfere with them. We rarely hear anything about their residents or Adventurers…”




“Yes. It seems that people with dark backgrounds like to gather there. As the residents don’t pry into your past as part of their culture, it is easy to settle down in.”


“Wait, so how is it safe?”


A secretive place with people with dark pasts?

That did not sound like a safe place to me.


“That’s why Ordarion is so special. The people are strongly united there. Any criminals are either driven out or killed. …That’s why it has the lowest crime rate of any town in this kingdom. I suppose you can say that they don’t pry…but they do monitor each other…”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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