Tensei Kenja – 9

I Needed A Sword Too


“You mean, like shouting ‘Fireball!’?”


“Yes. That’s what I mean. It didn’t look like you did that just now…”


“I didn’t. Do people usually do it?”


“Yes. Casting spells without chanting is a very advanced technique. And it usually weakens the spell. At least, unless you are a fairly seasoned sorcerer… So most people chant.”


I see.

The instructor had said that there was something off about the power of my magic, so that was why.


I was too busy thinking and hadn’t seen the other two perform. But they had probably done it better than me.

So that meant my magic was weak because I hadn’t chanted.


“…Thank you for telling me. Could I try it again?”


“Alright. You are allowed three attempts for the magic test. Of course, I don’t really believe it is necessary in your case…”


I didn’t need to?
…I didn’t understand what he meant. But regardless, it seemed that I would be allowed another chance.

I would ask him about it after I tried again.




I said. This time, a fireball that was slightly larger than the previous one, shot out and hit the boulder with an explosion.

As the Instructor had said, it was more powerful now.


However…it wasn’t as much as I had expected.

Maybe there was a trick to this chanting part.


I hoped he was not too disappointed by the fact that the difference was minimal.

I would not be remotely amused if I somehow failed this test.

If it seemed like that would happen, I would just use Hellfire of Death on my next try.


I thought this as I looked towards the instructor.

But…his reaction was very different than what I had anticipated.


“Wh-what power…are you some kind of monster…”



But it wasn’t that different than the previous one. And he had sounded exasperated as he said there was something wrong with the power.

Or maybe…


“Hey. When you said that there was something strange about my magic, did you mean that it was too weak?”


“I meant it was too strong!!”


He replied quickly and ferociously.


…So Fireball was a strong spell.

It was the first spell I had learned after coming to this world, and so I had assumed that it was weak.

Well, it was probably only considered to be strong for a beginner spell, and was likely nothing special once you were a pro. Probably.


“…In any case, does that mean that I pass?”


“Aye. …You definitely did not fail. But Yuji, how were you even living up until now?”

“I lived quite normally.”


“Normally. You don’t become capable of using this kind of magic by living normally…”


–He said. And then we moved on to the next part of the test.



“The next test is swordsmanship! Tamers and Swordsmen take this test… Did you bring a sword?”


Instructor Regin asked as he looked at me.

The others had all brought swords.


While I could use magic without a staff, I could not fight without a sword…

Maybe there was something I could use instead…


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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