Jack of all Trades – 169

A Clothing Store in the Craftsman District


We wandered around a little before finally arriving at the inn. I guess you really did reach your destination somehow, as long as you walked… I was so tired that I fell right asleep as soon as we got back.


The next day was our fourth morning in Usk. I intended on going to the guild today as well. The wind dragon materials would have been sold, and we had to collect the money. The guild would pocket a percentage of it, but it would still be a lot of money for us.

Daniela seemed a little more restless than usual, as she quickly finished her breakfast and prepared to leave. And so I stuffed the food down my throat as quickly as possible and changed into my rough, outdoor clothing.


“It is because of your clothes that people harass you.”

“Eh? Ah, but these are comfortable and light…”

“Really, Asagi…”


Daniela muttered. But it was too hot to wear anything over this… In any case, I was planning on buying something new today, if there was anything good.


We left the inn and followed the main road straight to the guild. As it was early morning, it was loud and lively. Still, we avoided the bustling quest board and went to the Conversion counter. There weren’t too many people waiting there that morning, and we quickly reached the guild worker. It was Seine again.


“Good morning, Miss Seine.”

“Good morning, Mister Asagi. We have finished selling the materials. Please follow me.”


She said as she stood up and led us to a drawing-room. My insides…


“Mister Asagi?”

“It’s nothing…”


  □   □   □   □


“Now, here is your money.”


As soon as we were in the room, Seine pulled out a leather pouch that looked very full.


“Wind dragon scales, hide, wing membrane, bristles, horns, claws, fangs, bones, eyes, heart and other internal organs… All were in great condition. No parts were missing, meaning they were able to fetch very good prices on the market.”

“And that price being…?”


I gulped.


“Two thousand gold pieces.”

“Two thousand!!”


That was just ridiculous…!


“Dragons are very rare creatures. It is almost impossible to take one while dealing such little physical damage. In fact, I say ‘almost’ because of this very exception.”

“So, you’re saying that wind dragons have never been sold on the market…?”



Huh… First time in history? Well, it sure explained the price then…I guess? I turned to look at Daniela.


“…Oh, do not look at me.”

“But, you know. I don’t really understand these kinds of things…”


I was not an expert of markets in other worlds.


“Well, yes… I believe that there was an aqua dragon horn that was nearly in perfect condition that sold for three hundred in gold a long time ago. Aqua dragon horns are very valuable, as they are said to be able to call storms.”




“Using that as a basis, if we were to put prices on the wind dragon parts… Well, it seems right to me. It is two thousand after the guild took its share, so it would have been a little more originally.”

“That is correct.”


I see.


“Well, it is a dragon killed by the one and only Asagi. I would not have accepted any less for it.”

“Okay, now you’re joking.”


But this was the result of me going all out. I used my special lethal attack. 


“In any case, here is the money you are to receive. As it is quite a sum, I would advise that you put it away in your bag immediately.”

“That’s true. Thanks…woah, heavy.”


If one gold piece was 30g, then two thousand…60kg? That was like ten bales of rice. How had she been carrying that on her?




I stared at her clothes. I think it was that pocket…hmm…


“Mister Asagi, I hope you aren’t thinking about asking any questions.”

“Uh, no.”


She gave an icy smile and covered the pocket with her right hand. I guess it was a secret… Well, perhaps she had some connection to Rachel. It had nothing to do with me.

I put the leather pouch away in the hollow bag and pretended that nothing had happened.


“And now, the dismantling of the wind dragon and selling of the parts as requested by Mister Asagi is complete.”

“Thank you for everything. It was a great help.”

“Thank you.”

“No, it was rather lucrative for the guild as well.”


She said with a pleasant smile this time. How many smiles did she have? I wondered as we left the room.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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