Jack of all Trades – 223

Thoughts After The Battle


“Woah. Shit!!”


There was a high-pitched metallic clang as the demon sword bounced off. I frantically jumped back into the air.


“Damn. I forgot about that!!”


The body of a dragon was impenetrable unless you used a weapon that was enveloped in magic. I regretted focusing so much on my strategy and nothing else.



“I’m fine! I can still do this!”


There was no point in moping. I had to attack!





I threw the demon sword aside and raised the speed of Legs of the God Wolf all at once. And then I created a giant ice sword and swung down.

But my timing was off, and it wasn’t the definitive blow that it should have been. The tip of the sword merely cut through parts of the wing. A wound like that wouldn’t take long to heal.




Just then, Daniela attacked with a wind bullet. It went right through its wing as well. The wound was getting bigger and affecting the wind dragon’s speed. And I wasn’t going to let it go unpunished.




This time, I focused on speed. I threw away the giant ice sword and created one of standard size. Then I rushed forward, this time, cutting the entire wing clean off.




Blood sprayed from the wound and the ground turned red. The sea of blood quickly covered the blood apes and bandit corpses.


I moved away as the wind dragon writhed in pain and I reunited with Daniela.


“Perhaps it is because I am not used to it, but the magic depletion was excessive.”

“Can you still fight?”

“Enough to support you.”

“That’s fine. Can you distract it?”

“Of course.”


The wind dragon’s wounds closed as we altered our plans. It was now glaring at us with murderous rage. I created a second ice sword in my other hand.


For a time, we stared at each other. Two against one. I slowly moved away from Daniela and activated a thin layer of Legs of the God Wolf. Daniela slowly nocked an arrow.


The wind dragon folded its remaining wing. Its eyes swayed from me and then to Daniela, as if intent on ensuring that neither of us got away.

Eventually, we were far away enough that it had to look entirely towards Daniela. And at that moment, I activated Presence Block and raised the speed of the wind as I ran.

At the same time, Daniela unleashed her arrow. It went right for the dragon’s face. The dragon jumped to the left in order to dodge it, and that’s when it lost me completely.




I held my breath and put as much power behind the two swords as I could. It would take immense strength to cut those thick hind legs. I just had to believe in my status I had worked hard to raise as I rushed behind the wind dragon and towards the leg in front of me. And then slashed outwards with all of the strength I could muster.

There was less resistance than I was expecting as the leg split into two. The scales, skin, muscles, and bones all came away.


I felt rather good about my power then. But quickly had to move back as the wind dragon shrieked and thrashed in pain. Its voice was much more pained than before, and there was no longer any sanity in its movements. And so I moved in and lopped off the other leg without hesitation.




Its blood ran without anything to stop it. I was careful not to step in it as I moved to the side where the wing had already been removed and looked for another spot to attack. Well, the front legs were the only place.


However, the wind dragon was doing more than screaming.


“Asagi! The breath!!”


I looked up just as I heard Daniela’s voice. The wind dragon was looking down at me and our eyes met. While I couldn’t see anything in its open jaw, I could feel that energy was being compressed to a shocking degree. It would be worse than that other time.




I frantically sent ice magic into the ground and had it shoot out, right under the wind dragon’s head. There was no name for this spell. It was similar to Icicle Inverse, but that was a spell that brought out countless icicles from the ground in order to skewer enemies.

The thing I created now was a single icicle. A thick and long thing that shot up into its jaw.




Its voice was muffled by the forceful closure of its mouth. Its head now pointed upwards and rays of light leaked from the holes in its closed mouth.




It raised its voice in a dulled cry as the pressurized wind was released. And like that, the blockade that was its own mouth, was blown away.




In fact, I was still in a panic. But all of my experience fighting up until now had allowed me to always have this little corner of my brain where I could think, and maintain the ability to make decisions based on the environment.

Though, there were always limits. I was having trouble thinking of my next action.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. I don’t understand why he won’t just cut the head off. All this extra stuff for no reason.

    How do u forget to use magic to cut a dragon?

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