Jack of all Trades – 223




Bam! Something hit me in the back. I nearly fell, but managed to catch myself. Then I turned around to see Daniela looking at me with a confident smirk.


“That hurt…”

“Forget about that! You were able to use such magic in that situation…that was amazing!”


I heard her say. Was it really? It was the only thing I could think of.


“The wind dragon is barely breathing now! We must kill it! But my attributes will not do. So you must do it!”


She slapped me on the back once again to urge me on.


I took a step forward. Then another. The dragon seemed to be unconscious. The closer I got to it, it began to dawn on me that this really was quite a feat.


For an instinctive reaction, had it not really been the perfect action to take?


It was hard to shake the thought once it came to me. It was as if some hidden talent had been unearthed at that moment.




I was calm now. I understood everything. I just needed to cut off its head and we were finished.


I conjured a greatsword made of ice. 


The wind dragon had no hindlegs now. Its front legs were supporting its body as its back arched. And so I did not need to lift myself with the platinum and green wind in order to reach its neck.


I pulled the sword back and hunched forward.


Then I aimed for the neck. And swung.


  □   □   □   □


And like that, this rather convenient encounter ended safely after a mishap or two.

After that, Daniela and I used our magic in order to dig graves and bury the dead. That being said, Daniela was sure to take the head of the leader. It was wrapped up and placed carefully in a different bag.

We also took the long red tails from the blood apes. Nothing would go to waste.

Of course, I was sure to pick up my fallen weapon.


Once most of the blood had been drained from the wind dragon, I put it into the hollow bag. If I used these materials, I would be able to make superior versions of my poncho, waist mantle and half pants. Thinking back, I really shouldn’t have sold half of the stuff. From now on, I would be more careful about keeping a stock of valuable materials.


In fact, there were other things that changed during this fight as well. The willingness to make sacrifices and never giving up. A lot had happened up until now, but no fight had left as big an impression on me as this one. To think that abandoning something would weigh so heavily on me…but it was something I knew was coming, and I could bear it.


Still, I might be a little unstable… I would definitely have to take it easy once we returned to the city.


“We are going, Asagi.”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”


I picked myself off of the ground and looked at the mountain that had turned into a battlefield. I was glad that it had already been a wasteland.


I jogged after Daniela but then stopped. No, I would walk slowly today. That’s what I felt like.

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  1. Thanks, merry Xmas to you too!

    I’m surprised the dragon gave him the chance to attack 2 more times after the sneak attack failed.

  2. Happy holidays, thanks for the wonderfull chapter. Kudos to Master Daniela, she faught an adult Dragon and never quivered, she has come a long way.

  3. It’s good that Asagi was able to execute such a plan but I’m more impressed that Daniela was able to fight a dragon without being scared of it.

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